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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Work hard on the little things.
Ickle Cute Thing
Work has felt bizarre. Post-Christmas, we've sold a hell of a lot at the shop, but it's never felt busier than usual. It's not been a quiet weekend, but it's nowhere near the busiest weekend I've had to work through.

I am officially getting older: I am wearing biege and it doesn't look too bad on me.

Trillian has given up on me: I was unable to see anyone online with Yahoo, and couldn't send or receive files via MSN. I've henceforth had to get MSN for emergency usage... when I really need to send or receive something, and also switched over to Miranda for MSN, Yahoo and ICQ usage. Though Miranda is not faring too well with Yahoo, at least I can send files with MSN - something that's been a pain the last few days. Though saying that, I've just found I'm unable to receive a file from someone on MSN at this moment. Hmm.

Tomorrow I need to visit Nan. She needs money from the post office over the road and she's not the type to go over on her own. She was telling Mum she was going to die over Christmas, so a trip over the road by herself, over traffic lights she hates... it'll never happen.

I also must begin to find Gameshark codes to put some critters onto a UK version of Pokémon Sapphire, which I am sending to a friend who lost their save game due to her brother essentially stealing her game - a copy of the game came into the shop without a manual or box, making it worthless in retail, but the guy just gave us the game. So all I need to do is edit a few things and she'll have everything she used to.

I have money I must put into the bank as well. I will forget this part, though. Or lose it all before I get to the bank.

Lastly, I must call people. I should check if Bob is back from the funeral up in Scotland, and I must call shazi and just get everything confirmed for our meeting. The person I hoped to meet today didn't even arrive in the UK, which would make it difficult to meet them.

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Hiya honey. (kiss)

Listen, I'll ring you tonight. I'm helping my dad move his stuff to his new home today and then I'm working from 5pm til 8pm. I shouldn't be back home until about 8:30- 8:45ish pm. Sorry I haven't been online. But I've been thinking about you. ;)

Howdy m'dearie.

Aww, it'll be nice to hear from you tonight, we'll just confirm train times and all that kinda stuff, yeah?

Trillian can be a bit odd at times, it's usually when the normal program companies figure out they're being used and block stuff... generally there'll be a patch and things will work again when you have it... Though I've never got it to do Yahoo without crashing.

Mmm, but I really only want to use any of these programs to send files via MSN and Yahoo. Apparently, this seems very difficult. Alas.

While you're Gamesharking Pokemon Sapphire, you could give her one of the Glitch Pokemon! Have a look for the Glitch FAQ on Gamefaqs, it tells you the codes for them. There are three of them, 2 of which can damage your save, but the third is safe.

Speaking of which, am I the only person who thinks Nintendo really messed up by not making MissingNo an actual Pokemon? That thing has a cult following!

It appears right now my Xploder Advance doesn't have the capacity to put these codes in. There's space for 12 digits on it, most codes seem 16.

Hmm. That's a bit of a cunt.. Are there any codes on the XPloder's site?

It's okay. Using my shop connections (read: "borrowing" a cheat cartridge) I managed to get cheat codes onto the game.

With some minor problems: they wanted low-level Pokemon to train up, this program kept making the creatures level 100, with 999 HP, and the only move they knew was Scratch.

lol, hmm. That's kind of rubbish, then. Most cheat codes are supposed to allow you to encounter the Pokemon you want in the wild, at whatever level the Pokemon in that area are.

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