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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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So far this week I've seen four foxes (or maybe the same fox four times, though this is unlikely, I saw them all in different areas of Enfield). It's not something I'd usually report by itself, but seeing four so frequently makes me bother.

Right, now to get to bed. I've a list of stuff I need to make sure I take with me tomorrow, and I have to be up before 8 o'clock. This shall be fun! The route I need to take will go Enfield Town - Seven Sisters - Warren Street - Waterloo. Got to get there for 10:15.

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You got somethin' against foxes?

Far from it. It's just quite neat so see so many in such a suburban area.

Seeing that map of the Underground makes me want to go to LONDON!!!!!

Well, come and visit then, I'm not stopping you.

Angelblood Posty

I think I know why you've seen so many foxes - It's almost their breeding season, so they're too preocupied in looking for partners to bother keeping hidden.

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