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Procrastinate? Pah! Panic!!
Tuesday. The day of meeting my friend from Salisbury; there were mutual feelings developing between us online, we had to see if they would continue in person...

I had a long list of things I had to do for this morning, when I woke up. Most of these things were stupid and obvious, but written just so it made it appear that things like waking up were a step in the right direction. One of these last things to do was to call shazi before I left, just to make sure everything was okay at her end. It might not have been the best idea, as it meant just as I left the house, I saw the bus I intended to get on disappear off into the distance... not the best of starts.

The next bus appeared fairly soon, and I got to the train station just in time for the 9:10 train... except I was told the 9:10 train had been postponed. This left me concerned. I went to find a phonebox to tell her I'd be delayed, but as I went towards the phonebox, a bus appeared that'd take me to an underground station instead. I ended up taking a very different route to the one I suggested yesterday. The route I took began with me travelling on a bus to Oakwood, then using the underground to Leicester Square, to Waterloo.

I found out the appropriate platform to wait at, and within minutes I met Shaz, and everything seemed very well. Despite illness she was in very high spirits. We both were suffering bouts of ditziness though - we were happily yakking away and hugging on the underground train from Waterloo. In fact, we'd had such a good beginning to meeting in person, we'd forgotten we had to get off the train once we were on it. I only realised when we were in Euston, a fair few stops late from where we were meant to alight. We blushed at our silliness and had to take a different route again. From Euston we went to Highbury & Islington and had to take a train to Enfield Chase. As we waited at Highbury & Islington, there we found more delays: we had to sit around for a half hour for our train to arrive.

The time flew by. Our conversation was varied, bizarre, friendly and I felt like I was with someone I'd talked to so many more times than we have. I was content and as the train pulled up to take us to Enfield, we continued with our odd conversations.

By the afternoon we were back here in this room, Shaz's illness meaning she didn't fancy a trek around London. I'd tired her out with a good two mile walk in getting back home from the train station, anyway. First thing I did was give her the present of a Crash Bandicoot t-shirt (which she adored and put on immediately). Everything went nicely from there. We were both happy and close, whether cuddling or talking or playing games. This didn't feel like a person I'd met in person for the first time. This was someone I definitely cared for, someone who was just as caring to me. We'd talked of taking things as they came, but at this point we were confident enough in each other to ask each other out.

The day was wonderful. It was appreciated to have someone here again, and nice to have a girlfriend in my life again. We left at 7 to get her on her train home from Waterloo, back to Salisbury. I remember as we parted company I was comfortable. I guess given the experience with Jess, I'm used to how these things work, and as I've got a lot of faith in her it just made me feel glad I spent some time with her, and sure I wanted to go visit her next time.

I'll annoy people with pictures, maybe. Though you can have an icon for now, that's for sure.

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awww my dear that was so romantic!

me go cry now!


So cuuuuuuuuuute! I demand bigger photos!

If I ever saw you or Jules online I'd pass them your way :P

Heh, wow, I'm happy for you, man. Sounds like a fairytale. But without the goblins, or children-eating. Good luck for't future!

Well, I have an inept ability to make things sound soppy.

The important thing is, you tried.

Well, that's why I used the icon. Maybe I could have just showed the icon, said "See that?" and left it simple.

(tickles u) ^^

I think tomorrow I'll give my explanation of events too. I feel defenitly squee!! It just feels right somehow....heheh i don't know if I'll ever get used to that. :) I loved the t-shirt, playing games. having a laugh...And the avatar you made from the pics are heheh fun.
I finished the picture for you though. I hope it doesn't look rushed, but I was setting myself the challanege of finishing it today before seeing Naomi. it's on my DA archive. ^^

That'd be nice to read, certainly.

And I'm saving that picture, and I'll have to link to that in my next post. It's a wonderful picture. Thank you.

Heee! You guys are the cutest, ME SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOOOOTH! *massive hugs for Shaz and Dean* When I get some of my workload done, so gonna chat with you guys properly and gush! :-)

No, you and Dave are the cutest. We are not worthy to be considered in that same level of cuteness yet.

I mean, the story of how you and Dave got on when you met in person is far more aww-worthy than anything I could muster.

Awww.. I'm so happy for you!!! :) What a great story to start the new year out with. And you should definitely annoy us with photos later. ;)

Mais oui! I'm just waiting to see her online for a bit so we can look through the pictures together first.

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