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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Dreams and pictures.
Picture first: This was my Christmas present from Shaz. I notice when people do think of me as an animal, I am always perceived a fox. I guess that's just how my personality seems. Still, it makes me aww.

Dream: I was working at 11 AM. Someone walked in with a gun, told me to open the till. I said the till couldn't be opened unless something was scanned into the computer next to it, so could he grab a can of drink, I'll scan it and then he can have the cash in the till. He got a can, passed it to me, I threw it at his head, knocked him out and tied him up, and he got arrested. The slapstick notion of it was wonderful, but everyone told me in the dream I was stupid for it. Admittedly, I was, but the image of some guy being knocked out by a can of cream soda amuses me.

And my last statement of 2003 on LJ, seeing I leave for Nan's in minutes: I hope everyone has a wonderful new year. Take care of yourselves, people.

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your animated hand is touching her animated tail. shame on you! hahaa!

I'm a chivalrous gentleman but a pervy fox!

As it's already 2004 where you are...

Happy New Year Dean!!!!!

And as I said to an American friend already: haha you've got our stinky old year we got rid of ages ago!

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