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The day today:

I've been rushing around a fair amount since I woke up. Mum's been off on her "Things must be tidier" phase, and I've been getting the jobs sorted out for family and friends. Pokemon Sapphire was posted to Holly, Cliff's gig sheet was printed out and I installed the program I have to teach my uncle to use.

If I'd realised he'd not even attempt to learn himself, I may not have been as keen in finding it online for him. I do dislike it when someone will not even try when they have the instructions in front of them, and the worst that can happen is they have to hit an undo button.

Now we've just re-plugged Cliff's PC together, put the Christmas tree away, and added a part to my cupboard so it's now more of a wardrobe for coats and Cliff. More space for clothes, less space for my stuff... again. My bedroom is slowly starting to be taken over.

I just had a really nice sneezing session, that almost made my throat hurt, that was the type of severity those sneezes were like. And I have a busy day tomorrow. I don't like busy. I have to plan what I'm doing. I don't like planning. I inevitably don't follow my plans well.

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