There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Ran into the ground.
Barcode Simplicity
Felt sick and tired after today. I told people yesterday was a busy day and today was set to be as well. It ended up busier than I imagined. My body wanted to give up and get into bed, but after walking the dog I couldn't be bothered. Mum came in and started cleaning up and that kept me up, and then I didn't see why I should've bothered with sleeping, heh.

I didn't plan to come online tonight but eventually did, only for a few minutes, mind. I decided I'm in a state where I need to be selfish and look after me, so I may be quieter than usual for a little while.

Oh, but I did get some powdered citric acid. On Monday I will make sherbert! I will tell you how it went then.

Also! I found a nice little shareware version of Scrabble whilst searching around for pretty shiny things. I've stripped away the silly files, and with luck, this small 300kb download should put Scrabble on your PC for whenever, against an AI that can be ranged from protozoic and 20 points a game, to superbly scary computers who can get 350+ points a game, and I added the official Scrabble dictionary into the program too, just to make things more official.

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You are my new God.

Re: This Scrabble game

You're not the only one who said that!

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