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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Ickle Cute Thing
I do wonder if people would see this as being just a little too fanboyish, but I do like this.

Today started with several beautiful items coming in the mail. cruciverbalistMaggie sent me some lovely Crunky chocolate, a few little candy sweets, a very sweet letter and the Amelie soundtrack. Maggie, you have ridiculously neat handwriting. I thought the letter you wrote was computer-written.

Also, Mum wanted to re-organise things in the house again. I heard her and Cliff have an argument so kept very quiet and out of the way. In the end, things have turned out nicely, and the little cupboardy room is actually tidy, after Cliff's grumbling.

At work I found out Asti had managed to pick me up that Gryffindor scarf - for those who've not known me too well or don't know much of Harry Potter, the family crest of the Rivers family (and the colours the Rivers United side I make on any football game you can customise) includes maroon and yellow, as are the colours in the Gryffindor scarf. Hence when I knew these scarves were made I had to acquire one.

And it kinda suits me.

Asti was in fine form all day - she called me John, David and God during the day. She also told me something that made me go into shock... she doesn't know who Tony Slattery is. That is a punishable offence to British people of around my age with an evil sense of humour.

Example: From Whose Line Is It Anyway?
"World's Worst thing to be given on a plane"
Tony: Hello.
Steve: Hello.
Tony: Here's the engine.

(Meanwhile, when I went to look for a Slattery link - I found this disturbing link. That's for you, goodcow).

Lastly, as staff members me or Asti could rent anything out in the shop for free - so long as we discount the amount on our rental accounts and write the reason why it was discounted on the system, because the boss checks up on any odd-looking discounts. Anyway, usually this message is kept simple: "Staff discount" is all that needs to be written. In today's instance, Asti wanted to rent out "A Walk on the Moon" due to Viggo Mortensen apparently being naked in the film. So I zapped the film through on Asti's rental account, gave the discount, and the reason was written as "Asti wants to see Viggo naked." The reaction on Asti's face was priceless. I fear revenge, but I do deserve it for that.

I came home, I had pizza, I chatted online. This evening has been nice. And I only have six hours to work, and then I'm coming home and having a bath and making that damned sherbert!

And finally, here is a picture of madame Shaz, who visited on Tuesday. I follow this with the larger picture of me and her which was made into the icon. Just because people asked.

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I'm simply disturbed that three times more people can name David Beckham's wife (which I couldn't) than identify what country Mexico City is in.

Yeah. Is that quiz ajusted for sarcasm?

I have a feeling these questions were set up as trick questions, but that's the optimism talking.

Tony Slattery!! I had to explain to my British boyfriend who Tony Slattery is. But then he's never watched Whose Line Is It Anyway? I really wish they'd but the old British version of that back on NZ tv.

I wish we could get any version at all of it on terrestrial TV.

Awww they should put it on DVD. All how ever many episodes of it.

It worries me that someone is willing to pay $250+ for it.

Unless that's you in which case an "Er... shit..." is in order.

Nope, nothing to do with me. I might be a bit crazy but I'm not that bad.

Yay you got it! :) The chocolate was nothing special but I just thought the name of it was somewhat amusing. And you really think my handwriting is nice? I think it's sort of on the messy side, it really changes depending on the pen I'm using, and I think I was using a "sort of messy handwriting" pen when I wrote that note. Nice to hear it though. ;)

And yay for your Gryffindor scarf!!! Lookin good! :)

Compared to my usual handwriting, yours is far neater, you silly.

You've seen how my handwriting looks, right? I mean, I did make a font of it...
here. Also, when I'm filling forms in on the shop computer you sell all forms of handwriting. Trust me, that handwriting is neat as I can imagine someone writing.

And yay indeed! And I finally see what those USC guys look like too. I think if I ever saw a soccer team wearing those colours, even if it was a rival club, I'd still buy the kit. So far there's only one side that's been close and that's a side in the former Yugoslavia.

Quality fontage, there. Your capital A is unusual. I've been meaning to make a font of my arsey handwriting for a while, but I never really bothered to look for a program to create fonts with.

Yeah. Katy thought that was an error but that's how I intentionally write A. Like a reserved N.

Yours isn't too bad either. It's legible! It's kind of quirky. :)

And yeah, I guess USC just won a huge football victory last week so people keep assuming my scarf is for that. Last week I was at Universal City (there's a shopping area there that's quite popular, though it's not my favorite) and they had a huge pep rally for USC so there were tons of people walking around in USC colors and wearing those scarfs and I was like "GRRR!"

My dear friend, anything to do with me ends up kind of quirky.

Amelie soundtrack! Hooray for Maggie!

It took me a while to realise exactly how large that Sonic plush is, and that it's actually sitting in an armchair! I wonder how much it would cost to ship that over here... It'd probably be cheaper buying it a seat on a plane.

Tony Slattery was easily my favourite contestant on Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Though, it was always good to see Paul Merton on it. You know, I really need to see the old series again.

I think it would cost at least 2 million pounds to ship here.

We all need to see more of that show.

Yes, that's me, spreading l'amour, one person at a time!

I join everyone else in missing WLITA, saying the scarf is woo, and in admiring the scale of the mega Sonic plushie. And yes, I also predict revenge from Asti. You're in for some trouble, you is.

Mmm, woo scarfs for all!

Asti will get me back, I know. I make enough mess-ups for her to catch me back.

Asti, you are a genius! That scarf is perfect on Dean!

She called me a maroon and yellow slut.

Also, I asked her to get me it and I paid her back, so does that make me the genius?

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Therefore, since Asti did the work, she is more the genius.


It makes me 1% of a genius though!

And we're all very proud of you. *hug*

*Bows* Thanks! ;D D'ya know what though - Dean said "Oh I might rip the Harry Potter label off" and I was like "ARE YOU MAD?!" ;) Be proud to be Gryffindor, that's what I say.

I am so not a Gryffindor, though.

*Growls* Just you wait, that's all I can say. ;) Oh, and the film was bloody fantastic! I'd seen it before, but couldn't remember all that much about it - Mr Mortensen was also gorgeous, of course. ;) And that American Yakuza film was crappy, but I'll forgive it for Viggo being in it. ;D

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