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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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That was not a fun day at work.
Le sigh!
Yesterday I was asked by the boss Simon if I could work from 12 until 6 because Tom and Shabbir wouldn't be around, and Simon couldn't do a four hour morning shift because he had company visiting to install a fireplace. Fair enough!

Until I wake up and find a message on MSN from Simon. "Don't come in until 2, Peter's in." Fair enough.

Until I get a message on MSN at 12:30 from Peter. "Where are you? I need you here to help." Ugh.

I eventually get to the shop at 1, having relaxed and been in a bath when that message was sent. And it wasn't until Peter left at 3, that things picked up. And hoo boy did they pick up. My nice new shoes also showed they're not going to be good for me for work - my heels are aching, the soles of the shoes themselves seem very slim.

Tony visited while I worked. He's a nice chap but doesn't know when to disappear. While I'm working, he's trying to ask me questions about lots of odd things. And after he left, a rude guy came in, skipping in front of a queue and pushing a kid out of the way to be served. I told him he could sod off, he went into a strop in front of me, so I took the DVD he wanted, to simulate serving him, before I put the film to one side and served everybody else - including people who'd joined the queue after him. He was livid by the end of this. I guess he didn't learn his lesson.

At 6, as I was about to leave, Tom and Shabbir both came in. I was not really able to say much more than "Oh dear." Simon popped in at 5:30 and said he'd be back at 6, so we all waited to see what he had to say. By 6:20 Simon hadn't appeared so I left them two to sort things out with him. I imagine I don't want to hear that conversation.

Anyway, I am back home with my reheated pizza, and after consuming this I shall play F-Zero and make sherbert. I will call Shaz also, if I get the time to. I need to confirm her address. She has a few presents here waiting for her.

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You are awesome for not letting asshole customers get away with it.

I don't like people believing they're more special than others, and I will often try to delay those who kick up a fuss.

Yup, nice one on the customer front. You are my new hero!

Is it just me or are the controls on FZ-GX über-twitchy?

Depends on the vehicle you use. I suggest to try a vehicle around 2000kg with grip of B to get used to things. I could instruct how to make a really good custom machine quite quickly if you're curious.

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