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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Barcode Simplicity
New shelves have been put up in my bedroom. I've tidied away a few places, and have chucked several old things like marbles and odd things I never cared for. I had a few old toy cars which I've put into a box and left outside downstairs for the kids in the flat below to have.

One thing I like less than Mum's hoarding is when Mum hoards stuff in my room with out me knowing. I found a lot of her junk in a drawer under the bed. Tsk.

I found a few old Mega Drive games. Gareth might want a few of these games if he bids for a Mega Drive on ebay, Jess wants a game too. The rest - I dunno, most are mediocre titles and are worth binning. I can never be bothered with selling on ebay.

Now, I'm going to eat Doritos in bed until I feel like sleep. I have work tomorrow and I have to work out how to get to Salisbury. Next Tuesday I think me and Shaz will meet again. Week after that Jess wants to visit (to pick up her PS2 primarily, heh).

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damndog has all our old Megadrive Games, he's a lovely lad... :-)

Well, what have you got? I might be interested in buying a few.

Most are mediocre sports titles; my family used to buy me these games when I was younger, I never really had an idea of what games were really good so they just got me games from that genre.

The decent games:
Lemmings 2, Sonic 3 (seemingly with S&K manual), Mega Bomberman, Dynamite Headdy

The sports games:
International Sensible Soccer, Brian Lara 96, Mutant League Football, Ferrari Grand Prix, Fifa Soccer, Premier Manager, Ultimate Soccer.

I know I had more games lying around, but damned if I know where they've ended up.

I actually have a mega drive, and still play it! har!

Our Mega Drive is in poor shape, and emulation is easier for me than connecting up a Mega Drive with problems.

Angelblood posty!

What games are there? *has a MD*

I masturbate furiously over the Sonic 3 cartridge.

I just need to have a word about the eBay stuff and all that.

And the game still works?

I hope so; I can't see why not!

Just. There's all these speckles and crackles show up on screen though afterwards.

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