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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Typical work situations.
Quiet evening at work. I've stuck on Cool Runnings to distract from the bad trance music.

I find the loud trance music that plays in the shop makes me feel rushed and aggressive; it's not a good type of music to have in the background when I talk to people, if it's quiet in the shop and I turn AIM on. If I'm busy I react bluntly and close IM windows. If I'm not busy it causes me to rush things, sometimes wording replies badly.

So far today it has been proven that some people seem to have awful timing.

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To answer a question that you asked a long while ago:

Christmas music is good, so long as it's not the same old songs. Yet another rendition of Jingle Bells might make me flee in terror. There's choral stuff out there that nicely fits the festive mood and hasn't been played a million times before.

I think I'm leading in moot points, now.

Switch the CD to some German folk music! I'm sure it'd be a great laugh. :D

I have the Amelie soundtrack to use!

Why trance?

Just... WHY?

The shop owner believes it creates a modern atmosphere in the shop that he enjoys.

Some Aphex Twin would solve that.

He draws the line at Muse's Bliss. That was a load of depressing bullshit, apparently.

Next I work I'll put Funny Little Man on. That's a happy song.

No trance fan has the right to criticise anyone else's taste. Full stop.

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