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Nonchalance and the perils of burning money.

I didn't have to do much at my uncle's at all. It was very basic stuff. I had to show why a 4mb file couldn't go on a floppy disc, how to remove files from a floppy disc, how to use Winzip, how to store files on a floppy disc, and how to set up a screensaver. I was given £5 for these loborious tasks. Now I know why people get into the PC-fixing industry. If I got a fiver for that, these guys can really rake in the money.

Anyway, after that shock of waking up early I came home feeling tired, scruffy and hungry. My body decided tiredness was the main issue to change, so I fell asleep for a few more hours. I woke up in the mid-afternoon, made myself some food, and then decided I wanted to put some money into the bank.

I got myself outside and waited for ages for a bus to take me into the town. My plan to get to the bank just late enough so I could shove the money into the bank and go home while the shops shut around me, stopping me from re-spending the money... well, it ended up backfiring. The bank was shut by the time I got there and I was now in the town centre, with shops open for another 20 minutes, and I had £60 on me. I decided at that stage maybe I wasn't meant to get there in time, so went to spend.

I looked in Game. I found up Vagrant Story and Mad Maestro, and with these purchases I found I could get Prince of Persia for less brand new than I can second hand at my workplace, and so I spent £35 there and then. As a result of this I shouldn't have headed past HMV on the way home... but being a kid at heart I picked up Who Framed Roger Rabbit for cheap in a sale, and given I was told the cooker's been playing up when I returned I ordered a pizza for tonight too. End result is I am happy, though, despite not having much left to my name from that. Still, I do enjoy this - even if I keep buying games and seldom playing them. I guess I enjoy the collecting more than the playing these days, oddly enough.

In other news: I still don't think I look good in green.

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