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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Nonchalance and the perils of burning money.
I didn't have to do much at my uncle's at all. It was very basic stuff. I had to show why a 4mb file couldn't go on a floppy disc, how to remove files from a floppy disc, how to use Winzip, how to store files on a floppy disc, and how to set up a screensaver. I was given £5 for these loborious tasks. Now I know why people get into the PC-fixing industry. If I got a fiver for that, these guys can really rake in the money.

Anyway, after that shock of waking up early I came home feeling tired, scruffy and hungry. My body decided tiredness was the main issue to change, so I fell asleep for a few more hours. I woke up in the mid-afternoon, made myself some food, and then decided I wanted to put some money into the bank.

I got myself outside and waited for ages for a bus to take me into the town. My plan to get to the bank just late enough so I could shove the money into the bank and go home while the shops shut around me, stopping me from re-spending the money... well, it ended up backfiring. The bank was shut by the time I got there and I was now in the town centre, with shops open for another 20 minutes, and I had £60 on me. I decided at that stage maybe I wasn't meant to get there in time, so went to spend.

I looked in Game. I found up Vagrant Story and Mad Maestro, and with these purchases I found I could get Prince of Persia for less brand new than I can second hand at my workplace, and so I spent £35 there and then. As a result of this I shouldn't have headed past HMV on the way home... but being a kid at heart I picked up Who Framed Roger Rabbit for cheap in a sale, and given I was told the cooker's been playing up when I returned I ordered a pizza for tonight too. End result is I am happy, though, despite not having much left to my name from that. Still, I do enjoy this - even if I keep buying games and seldom playing them. I guess I enjoy the collecting more than the playing these days, oddly enough.

In other news: I still don't think I look good in green.

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I do feel bad about not playing Vagrant Story more, but it was just kicking my arse. It's got the most ill-conceived save point placement I've ever seen. Picture this: You walk into a room with 3 exits, including the one you came in through. So, of the other two, which do you choose? There's nothing at all to suggest what's behind them. Choose the right one, and you get a save point. The other leads to a boss, which you're most likely to get killed by because you generally need to do a lot of preparation before the boss battles. Frankly, they're hard as nails. It just smacks of poor design (Or a case of the developers laughing at you). 40/40? Hmmm.

It was bought for a friend, not for me. They'll pay me back for it (eventually, knowing them...)

buying games and seldom playing them

You know, I think I enjoy the buying/collecting process almost as much as enjoying stuff, too. I have a problem stopping myself from buying cds and I sometimes buy so many that I don't have the time to listen to them all and they end up sitting there until I rediscover them a few months later. Which can be sort of nice, in a way, it's like an unexpected treat!

I'm getting to the point where I own as many games that I've not put 2 hours' worth of playing into, as I have games that I've played to death.

Lemme know how Mad Maestro! suits you.

When I get out of the gamesplaying lull and fancy a game of something, I shall.

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