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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Comic Sans goes into a bar, and the barman says, "We don't serve your type."
Not now.
This is Comic Sans. To me, it looks like something a child would write with a marker pen. It irks me because I see so many places use this font in the belief the font looks carefree and fun, compared to the snootier fonts like Times New Roman, Arial or Georgia. The problem is, Comic Sans is generally found on very unprofessional and lazy things - be it a poster, a t-shirt or a website some kid knocked together in 20 minutes; it's an overused and unpleasant font and it makes things look cheap and nasty when it's used because of it.

Here's a pic of the font, in case you don't have Comic Sans on your machine.

There are websites that want this font eradicated. That's a little further than I'd go. After all, if it disappears you lose the easiest way to identify the work of an amateur at a glance. But... that's just me. Anyway, opinions of the font, please!

Poll #230637 Regarding Comic Sans

What do you think of the font Comic Sans?

I like it
I don't mind it
I hate it
I wish it was never created

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It's a horrible font. I like the fact he also created the Trebuchet font, which I like a great deal.

From what I understand, the creator made Comic Sans for one purpose - for a simple chat-like program where people talked in speech bubbles. It wasn't meant to be all over the place like it has done. Blame Windows for putting it in their packs and blame lazy people who pick the first font they like in a list, even if it isn't the best font for what they need.

I actually didn't mind it when when it was used on Humanities work sheets at school. It seemed cute, and compounded the idea the lessons were informal. It isn't a bad font to use when you want to print documents that are going to be used amongst those you know personally.

Now, on the internet or on leaflets, it's an eyesore. It really does look unprofessional. In these cases, the idea is that it should be more formal, since you're trying to get your message across to people whom you don't know. You're supposed to create a good impression about yourself, so presentation is important.

I use Comic Sans for Sonic/Devlin's font in ROTFW, although I will admit I've considered changing it several times. The font doesn't really fit his personality anymore, plus, it takes up way too much space and I always have to adjust the line spacing by like 15 points to get it to fit.

Overall I like the font, always have. I don't use it nearly as much as I used to though. I've taken to using other fonts that were built for cartoons, fonts that look more like they were written into a speech bubble.

I hate it. If anyone uses it on a website, or a PM or something, I just want to stab them in the guts.

Arial is the way to go. Best font ever made.

Arial is great, yes. I can't believe I ever used Times New Roman on my old websites. Also, Comic Sans should never, ever be used on a website. EVER.

Speaking of fonts, Dean, I found a slight quirk with yours: It has a tendency to crash PaintShop Pro. It's not the first font to do so, however.

It doesn't crash my Paint Shop Pro, chap.

Okay, it seems to happens when you remove the stroke colour, leaving only the fill. Perhaps it's just my particular version/OS combination that sets it off.

Re-installing sounds best.

I rather like using it myself, it's easy on my eyes (times new roman has those funny taily things that fudge about with my eyes being screwed up as they are) arial and verdana are good too. I just wish Comic Sans MS wasn't used by all the wankers, cause it's a nice font in itself.

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