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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Bargains and thingumies.
Gregory Horror Show, PS2. £10 at Amazon. Absolute bargain.

I picked up a decent bargain myself to add to the collection I'll most likely never play for a good while - Viewtiful Joe was acquired at work today for £12. It's odd just how little interest I'm finding in games though, and how much more I'm enjoying collecting them. I can safely say I've given out a half dozen games to friends, just so others can enjoy what I will eventually. And hey, when the next generation of consoles come out, I've more than enough to keep me going for a while, until the price drops and all that...

I have hit a bit of a lull. From day to day, life just doesn't seem as interesting. As a result I need to work on ideas, plans. I also want to finish more of the things I start. I want to try to think of things I got lazy about, and do something about it. These can vary about reading into HTML a bit more, to finally completing Ratchet and Clank after getting stuck at the last level and losing interest as a result, to simply getting that font used on the Portuguese national kit onto one of those shirts of mine. Random and personal and - dare I say it - selfish things.

I've begun on sorting this out already, on the things that needed money rather than effort, given it's better to get the quicker things out of the way. I've ordered a few things from the internet; blank CDs, a music CD, a few t-shirts. The only thing that'd require an extensive amount of cash would be chipping the PS2 so I can play the US PS2 game Disgaea (and maybe I'd have to make a copy of Kula World, given it'd cost as much to get the console chipped as it would buy that game...)

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Puha! Come to the US! 8D WE WILL DRAG YOU DOWN WITH BUSH. Or something.

Doesn't chipping your PS2 shorten it's life span or something similar?

Well, the console was bought in December. So if the chip causes the machine to go wrong, I know their installation was the problem.

Chipping can cause hell, depending on how unreliable the people are who chip the machine.

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