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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Here today, gone today, returned today. Edited tomorrow.
I'm editing, updating and deleting journal posts far more frequently than I used to. I think my journal is becoming more private, or perhaps used more as a to-do list so I know I've planned things. I mean... at this moment it is easier to write for the future than describing the past.

I think I am becoming a little more self-centred in how I write on here. Talking about me more and showing off bizarre links less. I prefer this... I think the majority of links I show off are found by someone else anyway, so it's not like I'm offering something new and interesting to read, really. If something appears and I think it'd amuse someone I'll usually IM them the link anyway. So: more original stuff.

I went to Salisbury yesterday, on Tuesday. I had to get up early to do this. 4 AM was a little earlier than planned, mind - and I struggled to sleep after this. There was a lot of travelling for me today, and compounded with little food... well, I was a sleepy person for a fair while, but Shaz understood. Her company was the reason why I travelled, and it was nice, and that's the main thing. It's always fun to just natter away and amuse each other. Also, once I was out of the car and able to stretch my legs I felt perkier again. I guess it was just a mild travel sickness - I had travelled for a good third of the day, I suppose it might have got to me.

The next step is to drag her here for a few days, so we don't have to feel rushed in the evenings and worry about having to travel home so late respectively - we did something nice today and changed the plan of when I was to leave: I spent another hour with her and left Salisbury at 9:05, but it meant I got back here around midnight. It worked out nicely... but the knowledge we could just sit and watch a few films without worrying of when to sleep, of having to rush each other back home again: it's a good thing to look forwards to.

As an aside: I'll sound common by saying this, but I find myself awestruck when people have more than one bathroom. It's just a foreign concept to me still.

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(Deleted comment)
Two living rooms? Whoa. You must do a lot of living over there.

I totally agree with the bathroom thing. and when people have 2 garages. Im like, 'WOAH!'

Two garages? That's so foreign a concept, it's a totally new concept.

I have eighteen bathrooms.

I suggest converting them into a golf course.

When I was a kid, we lived in a council house in Coventry. It had 3 bedrooms, but it was still a pokey house. There were two bathrooms, though. One of them upstairs, past my room, and the other in the back garden. We were right posh!

No, wait.


I take that back.

We have a bathroom upstairs at home, and a 'little room' which has like a loo and a sink and no space for human life to actually go in...
Once the ceiling fell in cause the real bathroom is right above and i used to splash water on our nasty wooden floor.
It was funny, hehehe. My dad had to replaster ^_^

I imagine your dad might not have seen the funny side. But still, at least you've learnt not to splash water any more? :P

(feels like a bit of a snob for having two bathrooms, but then think of the relief. ;))

At least it means you can charge indoors and go straightaway, rather than having to run up stairs. There is some sense to it, as far as I'm concerned.

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