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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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After the excursion of Salisbury, I have learnt several things. One of the nicer snippits of info was I am not as allergic to cats any more. The fact Shaz has a nice cat that likes a fuss meant I did so to it. And I had no allergic reactions from it in the slightest. I also seem to have done something to my leg. My left ankle and thigh sting a tad. I have been doing a lot of travelling recently, so maybe my body is just complaining. I also found out Shaz wasn't lying when she said she could give a good massage.

Today Mum needed me to go over the road in the morning. While I was over there the shopkeep told me some sweets I'd asked for had finally arrived - a bit too late, given I hoped for them before Christmas. Still, I was thankful and bought them. I also found out when I returned home, I'd received the items I ordered from Homestar Runner. This day has been full of sending random songs to people to get reactions.

If you're curious, here's a picture of the acquistions. With this, my plan of indulging myself for this month has been achieved and next month I work on something else, and return to saving for rainy days. Also: while I was messing around to get the camera working, I also took a rather stylised picture of myself. I'd love to claim this was planned, but I'd just accidentally left a soda bottle between me and the camera. Still, it did end up nifty-looking, at least.

Today I made more icons, and offered advice towards a new community someone has created. It wasn't the most interesting of days to report on and if I didn't have the pictures I may not have bothered at all... but then the majority of the day did involve sleeping to compensate for the lack of it yesterday, and that's not interesting to talk of.

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Aww. I like this cat of Shaz's because she's quiet and playful but if you mess with her, she'll does strike back. That's how a cat should be, they need that little streak of evilness. Otherwise they're just walking cushions that purr a bit.

Yay to no cat allergies! And that photo is GREAT.

I'm wondering what other things I could use. I was considering those Tango/Sprite coloured-plastic bottles...

Or the translucent skin of a freshly slaughtered warthog.

Sorry, in a silly mood, very hyper with cravings...

Wow lucky you, my cat/dog allergies are still intact. :( It was confirmed when I went over to my friend's apartment and by the end of the night I was wheezing and making all sorts of scary noises everytime I breathed. I think it's slightly better than it was when I was a youngster, though... and good call on buying Homestar stuff! :D

Aww, tis a shame to hear you still are allergic to the animals.

And I especially like my CD of crazy music.

Alas soon after you left, Tammy lost all of her fur...looks like the tables have turned. Okay, that was sad, I'm joking. :)

And well, babe, the feelings mutual. (hugs u close)

Hee. I do know people have reacted badly to being around me. An animal losing her fur would be a new one on me. :)

Also, how close is Farnborough to you and would you be able to get a weekend off in February to celebrate an 18th birthday of a friend of mine? Neil from the Abbychat has his birthday in mid-February and wants all the Abbychatters to meet for a weekend bash. It'd be nice for those guys to meet you, and quite frankly, a good excuse for us to meet again.

That would be thrilling! Besides us meeting again, it would be great to meet all the Abbychatters, plus Neil and Abby again. :) I should think I have plenty of holiday time to use so I'll see to it real soon. You'll have to tell me the precise date in February later.

I have the sudden urge to steal that Homsar shirt. By the way, how's the CD? I've only heard the Trogdor track off of it, and that sounded good, but I've heard mixed things about the album as a whole.

The tracks you've heard from the website before now are on there and wonderfully done; the "live" "Everybody to the Limit" is simply brilliant. The majority of the original tracks aren't captivating at all, though.

There is a nice Quicktime video of "These People Try To Fade Me" by Coach Z (directed by the Cheat) as a bonus on the CD, this song definitely being the best of the original tracks.

Most of the songs are well under 2 minutes, so you're not talking an epic CD by any means, but it does have that unique trait I like my music to have - it makes people do the Collina Stare when they hear it.

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