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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Thoughts for the future.
Feeling ill; like symptoms of a cold are developing. This could screw things regarding me going out and around London with Jess when she visits. Jess arrives on Tuesday at 13:16, leaves on Thursday - not sure when, mind. Jess has realised that train she was set to go home on isn't practical. So this could be a confusing few days.

To add to this, the boss wonders if I can work in the early morning on Wednesday. Jess will be here but I'm desperate for money - to the point that I am working Monday night despite having to pick her up on Tuesday. I might have to leave Jess here and disappear off to work for a few hours, if I'm not feeling ill and unable to go anywhere. I have a lot of people owing me money and I am in a bit of a financial situation because of it. If everyone who owed me paid me back tomorrow I'd have £300 coming in, and that'd sort things out. I know some people will pay me swiftly, at least. But some people will offer money sporadically and with some people I'll have to pester to get anything at all.

Someone called up and asked for "Grand Theft City on the XCube" while I was at work today, following that with asking if we had "the sequel to the Twin Towers game" instead. I really hope this was a prank caller.

I wanted to work on something every month, to just get myself better bit by bit. This month was the best time to try to buy indulgences, while I had cash to spend. Next month I think I want to look after myself better. Do more exercise, walk more, look at my diet and try to regulate how I eat a little better. Being a fussy eater causes complications but I should try to eat the standard three regular meals a day at least, and take vitamin pills if I'm not getting all the nutrients I need. I should sort the sleep pattern out over the month too. This also means more days of leaving the internet alone and getting through some of these games I have, so I don't have as much stress on me. I often find I try to help so many people I forget to look after number one, as it were... by the end of the month, I'll see if I enjoy that lifestyle of dawn being the sign I should be waking up instead of going to sleep.

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u shuld hav traced teh call!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

(smothers u in another warm blanket) You!! I demand you go to bed now with a mug of warm soups and fluids, put your feet up and play some games lest you should feel the wrath of your woman-ladyfriend with another blanket! Dare you challenge my blanket of fuzzy-warmthness?

And don't you worry about everyone else honey. Be good to yourself, please?

I did, and I feel close to all better now. I do not dare challenge you, with your blanketness and lack of avatar.

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