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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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One way to tell if I'm ill.
Le sigh!
It seems my lips have gone exceptionally dry and I've no money to buy a drink which I do appear to need. They say you should feed a cold - I appear to be unable to do anything bar starve it until I get back home. I also have a friend of mine who wants to see artwork so I need to remember to link him to a few places when I get home. I'll forget this if I don't write this up while I'm here at work, y'see.

I'm just about halfway through work tonight, and time's absolutely crawling by. I've also got to tidy up at home which shall be a job I won't find fun. This is to be done before work tomorrow, I need the money. Jess is going to visit Tuesday to Thursday but it appears things keep going wrong in preperation for this. Besides this cold/flu, Mum's added to the problems by forgetting that Jess is to visit and has started decorating her bedroom, which means bits and bobs of hers are going to have to move onto my sofa, leaving no space for Jess to sleep, it appears.

Sod it, I'll have to take a drink and pay for it next I'm in; this is unbearable.

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Ooo gawd, well I hope you're feeling a bit better now, El Dean. Pain in the arse to get that; always happens at the most inconvenient times, eh? Get better soon, that's an order. ;)

Not feeling better in the slightest yet :P I'll try though; else Jess won't be able to meet you guys, for one thing.

Hope you didn't catch any illness out of my sniffling yesterday, mind. Wouldn't want yourself and friends getting ill :\

Nah, I'm alright, and to be honest, I didn't notice there was anything wrong - you seemed fine to me! Kept saying how hungry you were and stuff, and having lots of fun of Soul Calibur 2. Was it later on it got worse? I only tend to get a cold really badly once a year, and it's always before Christmas, so I'm ok for now. ;D Getting a good nights rest might help, y'know. *sounds like a nagging mother* ;) Think of Viggo, and all will be well. *laughs*

I was sniffling every so often, I guess I needed to feed it before it became a cold, eh? It got worse once I got back, and I'd been so hungry I'd lost my appetite when the food arrived.

Viggo from Ghostbusters? Eww. I have better images to think of, mind you, so I'll take your advice in regards to thinking of something nice. ;)

*Laughs* No, not that Viggo you bloody idiot!! I will not whack you round the head next time I see you as you're in a 'delicate state'. ;) I watched one of the other films he was in today, 'The Young American' or whatever it was. Wasn't bad. Hey, do we have 'The Indian Runner' at work? I wanna see it. :D

Hey, I know what you mean about getting so hungry it actually puts you off food; tis awful when that happens. ;_;

You ask me if I know anything about Viggo films? I'm not the one with the rabid lust for him, dear. I'll check for you tomorrow though.

S'happened twice in two nights. This reheated pizza just doesn't look appetising at all.

Of course you do; I've seen the way you look at that A Walk on the Moon video box in front of the counter. >;) Ah would ya? That's be great; what time are you working? I might pop down and hand back the films I watched. :)

Yum, I could eat a pizza right now....Why don't you eat something else? Maybe something fresher, like fruit? I dunno. :/

If I work I'll be doing 6-10 PM. However, Tom seems desperate for money and is actually healthier than me, so... if that happens, I still have to go to the shop to pick up the Vagrant Story guide and a fan for this PC.

No water in the shop besides drinking from the sink in the toilet, which you can't really go to when you're the only one in the shop, in case customers came in etc.

I, of course, read that as "Drinking from the sink or toilet", and wondered immediately if you Brits got mineral water in your toilets.

Then I reread it and went "oh".

I wonder if anyone's studied how less drinkable water in toilets is compared to water in sinks.

Well, you're supposed to close the lid on the toilet when you flush to prevent the spread of microscopic toilet water flecks. You're also supposed to keep your toothbrush six feet away from your toilet, although I'm not sure if this is in addition to or instead of the closed lid thing.

In any event, you're supposed to wet your toothbrush with sink water both before and after brushing, whereas even microscopic airborne toilet specks are detrimental to your health. That's a pretty severe distinction.

I, too, also misread your comment. I thought you said there was just a toilet to drink from, and you couldn't drink from it not because it's not at all suitable for drinking, but because a customer might come in and see you doing it.

It's one of those old odd language things, I guess; calling a room with a toilet in a toilet - despite there being alternate things in the room (such as a sink).

I suppose to be correct I could have said a sink in the WC.

Calling it a bathroom when there is, in fact, no bath is equally strange.

Ah, well...

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