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Jess come, Jess go.

Jess arrived on Tuesday and left Thursday evening. The epic trips around London didn't happen, but Jess was happy enough with solely looking around Camden anyway - she picked up a few things for herself there and that was all she was keen on seeing this time. We compensated by having a bit of a trek on the Wednesday. We went around Enfield, the day ending by watching Return of the King and eating McDonald's outside the Sainsbury's nearby, much to the confusion of some staff who were going home.

The time with Jess was a lot of pleasantness with bouts of quirkiness; par for the course around me. It was a nice break from the monotony of life, and we had a few interesting natters. I miss the random and thought-provoking conversation me and Jess used to have in person, certainly.

We exchanged gifts on Thursday, and to say thank you for dealing with a crazy last day and helping Jess find a bargain, Jess bought me Mario & Luigi for the GBA. I finally know what the fuss is about. It's lovely.

And life gets back to normality tonight with my grandad calling at 1:20 whilst quite drunk (I assume this as he told me he loved me at the end of the conversation, not his usual patter) and with Mum waking up at 3 to have to drive someone to the airport. Mmhm, normality it is.

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