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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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For February I said I'd try to look after myself better. I'm curious if I can set aside a few minutes each day for certain activities, be they physical (proper exercise) or more mental (forms of meditation or a period of self-reflection).

I think I should get myself a book or two for the month, to have an excuse to get offline and do something different. One reason I am online so much is because of fark or b3ta (and many other sites) with their amusing links and stories. One thing the internet does well is creating places where bunches of sarcastic beings can mock others. So to keep me away, a nice sarcastic book will do me instead. Now, I've got to try to find one before the end of the month... any recommendations out there? Given I know someone out there is in it, Danny Wallace's Join Me might be an option. If Will Self writes as sarcastically as he sounds on radio or television, anything of his would do also, though I would have to keep the computer turned on with dictionary.com set as my homepage, to find out what the heck he's blathering on about sometimes.

I need to do more work, at the moment I'm quite limited with what I can do by the lack of finances coming in every week. I've heard more news about work that makes me want to stay there and wait patiently for the chance for more work, mind.

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Read Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy; you'd like that. ;)

Talking Cock is the book you want, Stormtrooper (or something like that).

It's written by The Herring and is very funny.

Oh, good call! That's three books to be considered now, at the very least.

catch 22 is a good one.

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