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Getting all of my illnesses at the start of the year?

Mario & Luigi. Top stuff. Surprisingly concise for me, that.

What was not, however, was my right thumb. It went septic earlier in the week, causing it to balloon to nearly twice the size of my other thumb and cause me a great deal of trouble in sleeping last night. I've just been to the doctor's to have a nice nurse put a sharp object in it and squeeze the pus away. I'll need to go back soonish, to get it redressed, and if the problem doesn't go away, the thumb may need lancing. This doesn't sound nice, especially seeing Mum has never sounded pleased when she's gone off to have her leg lanced - she still suffers her leg going septic occasionally after that breaking of her heel... nearly a year ago now.

I also seem to scare my doctor because no matter how he tries to check my blood pressure, it's always ridiculously off. I had blood pressure that suggested I should be dead, on his electronic blood pressure checking machine. Still, I'll take it as a sign to look after myself better. I've got to go back and get tested in six weeks as well, so maybe a bit of eating healthier will sort things out. I do know most of the other people in the family suffer with high blood pressure, and I get myself into stressful situations... so it wouldn't shock me if I pick that up at some point in the future. But 20's a bit of a young age to be worrying of such things.

It's odd to learn how to re-type to some extent given how natural it was for me to use the right thumb for the space bar. This also makes playing most games difficult - anything requiring dexterity at the moment is not going to happen. I'm going to go have a bit of a nap and recover the sleep I lost last night.

Also, people looked at me like I was crazy because I bought myself a pint of milk to drink on the way home from the doctor. What's wrong with milk? Apart from the fact "milk comes from cow titties", as a young chap told me.

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