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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Getting all of my illnesses at the start of the year?
Mario & Luigi. Top stuff. Surprisingly concise for me, that.

What was not, however, was my right thumb. It went septic earlier in the week, causing it to balloon to nearly twice the size of my other thumb and cause me a great deal of trouble in sleeping last night. I've just been to the doctor's to have a nice nurse put a sharp object in it and squeeze the pus away. I'll need to go back soonish, to get it redressed, and if the problem doesn't go away, the thumb may need lancing. This doesn't sound nice, especially seeing Mum has never sounded pleased when she's gone off to have her leg lanced - she still suffers her leg going septic occasionally after that breaking of her heel... nearly a year ago now.

I also seem to scare my doctor because no matter how he tries to check my blood pressure, it's always ridiculously off. I had blood pressure that suggested I should be dead, on his electronic blood pressure checking machine. Still, I'll take it as a sign to look after myself better. I've got to go back and get tested in six weeks as well, so maybe a bit of eating healthier will sort things out. I do know most of the other people in the family suffer with high blood pressure, and I get myself into stressful situations... so it wouldn't shock me if I pick that up at some point in the future. But 20's a bit of a young age to be worrying of such things.

It's odd to learn how to re-type to some extent given how natural it was for me to use the right thumb for the space bar. This also makes playing most games difficult - anything requiring dexterity at the moment is not going to happen. I'm going to go have a bit of a nap and recover the sleep I lost last night.

Also, people looked at me like I was crazy because I bought myself a pint of milk to drink on the way home from the doctor. What's wrong with milk? Apart from the fact "milk comes from cow titties", as a young chap told me.

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eek! Septic thumb!

I have no wish to know what my blood pressure is. I tbink I would probably scare myself into a life of yoga and apples.

Mmm, at least if I die young I die having gorged pleasant treats, or something unpleasantly macabre.


I think you need to go ahead and make a difference, and give it a shot when it comes to sorting out some of the problems you've been having. You can spend half an hour on AIM crying on my shoulder about trouble you've been having, then when I make the slightest suggestion that you make a change, you say "but everything's fine the way it is! My life is perfect! I don't have to change a thing!" as if you're too frightened to try and improve things, y'know?

Muh, and my mum was saying you need to eat better, gahahaha. Sorry, I think you've been adopted, brother.

But, hang in there. I'm there for you, matey!

Well, you remember me rambling away saying this was what I wanted to do for February. I think having more time to myself will help me.

I let myself get into the stressful situations by trying to help too many people. I should respect that just as you can't make everyone happy all the time, I can't help everyone all the time either.

"Milk comes from cow titties..." (chuckles like an idiot) and that young chap would be right.

Besides that, I can understand theres no need to be worried about your blood pressure to the extent of making it worse, however the fact this seems to be ongoing is concerning us all hon. But kudos to yourself by making the first start in helping yourself relax. Relaxing is gooooood. But please understand we're your friends and loved ones and naturally we're gonna be concerned. ;)
Other than that though, perhaps it seems Mario and Luigi can help? Heheh and no I don't think it concerns pasta.
As for your thumb too. I keep saying this: ouchies. It's always better to have someone else bleed the puss out for you. I'm gonna have to hug you back to happiness when we meet cause it just sounds like everything's a bit blarg for you right now. Hmm....

Milk is goooooood. (cream mustache)

The thing about the blood pressure is:
a) It's hereditary. Mum and Nan both have it, Nan picked it up when young. Can't do a thing about that.
b) I let myself get into too much stress. I can sort that out.
c) My diet isn't balanced, I'm sure I could improve things a bit. I can sort that out as well.

So I want to see if I can get a little better for everyone. And tonight is a reading night. Tomorrow's a Mario & Luigi night, I reckon.

The thumb's nearly sorted out now. There's no bandage on it now anyway, it's just at the end of healing properly.

I wouldn't say no to hugs from you, mind :)

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