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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Last day to get it written...
Ickle Cute Thing
I planned, month by month, to try to do things to enjoy my life a little more. It's a quite nice life I'm living, but there's always room for improvement. I know we all have ups and downs, but I enjoy the idea of trying to improve my life bit by bit. Also, monthly resolutions, as it were, allow me to take things a step at a time, there should hopefully be no drastic "I WILL STOP THIS" actions.

What I planned for January was to acquire things I fancied for Christmas, that I didn't get. On the whole this was achieved - only thing I didn't bother with was a chip to play imported PS2 games. I've not really missed out too much with this. I'll keep it in mind for later in the year if things come out in the US that will never reach these shores, though.

Next month... I want to look after myself more - physically and mentally. I mean, if I have high blood pressure I should try to do things to relieve stress. I should also improve my diet. I have guidelines I can aim for:

More reading - I'm going to order books from Amazon: this, that and one of these for now. Having new things to pick up and read when I fancy will stop me from wasting time online waiting for people to talk to, like I seem to do too often.
Update: Also got this to put the price over £25 and get free P&P.
Sleep pattern sorting - in bed before 2, giving myself the chance to read till I feel asleep, awake for 10:30.
Healthier eating and drinking - fizzy drinks are out, milk and orange juice are in. Healthier options regarding fatty or sugary goods. Eating the proper three meals a day if possible (the odd timing of work causes problems with this, though...)
Looking after my body better - I've got an inhaler that should aid in improving my breathing slightly (my doctor said due to asthma from a younger age and being around smokers I've always had weaker lungs than the average human) and I've got vitamin tablets to compensate for the lack of my eating complete meals. I also want to try to do more exercise, even if it's just a small amount more.
A post (private or otherwise) about myself every so often - a period of time for self-reflection, essentially. Just to see how self-aware I'm really being.

As a result of these additions to my lifestyle, I may try to limit my net access to get them done. Some of my stresses have come from trying to cheer everyone online up when I see them down - worrying of others before myself. I can't make everyone happy all of the time, and I should take that hint and at least make sure I'm content with my life for as much as possible of it. Then, when things spring up, I can actually help the people when I can really help, rather than struggle with everything that comes my way.

I'll keep on using livejournal and checking websites and emails, but I may cut off using chat programs completely during this time, or I may try to limit myself for certain times in the day. I'll see what I think seems best as the month progresses.

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That makes sense. As it goes; 'You can't really 'help' others until you help yourself too.' I've learnt that many a times. I think I'm still learning too, in odd ways. It helps to make a list though. Nice one. I seriously need to cut down on the sugary foods too, and get back to exercise. Eating slips and scraps of food and sometimes not having a full meal can make things a bit odd for your system. I think we all do that. Well I seem to aswell. My mum said to me I seemed to be a bit slimmer when I was doing kickboxing classes, plus it motivated me more. So thats what I'm gonna go back to doing. ;) I think exercise can be fun.........I think....

I'm sure exercise can be a lot of fun, when you think of how you can feel when you complete a good bit of exercise. The kickboxing sounds like a grand idea to restart, too.

wow....impressive book choices...i am impressed.

i love your icons....especially subliminal idiocy and deranged moi?

i borrowed the former...and only use it to annoy people on my friends list....ahaha....it causes seizures.

i love your selections! you have excellent taste imho.

Thank you for expressing an interest in my icons.

However, the point of the former, given it had my name in it, was that it was mine. Not that I'm saying you can't use it. It just seems odd, like you're exclaiming me to be an idiot: whereas when I use it, it's just a form of self-mocking. Here's a icon without my name in it, if you'd prefer.

The latter icon was simply a resized picture of a chap from Radiohead who I apparently look like.

oh...i'm sorry...don't be mad!

Nono, don't be sorry. I'm not mad. Just thought you'd prefer an icon without my name in.

modern life is rubbish

that's funny. you don't strike me as the sort of person that ever set self-improvement goals.

Re: modern life is rubbish

Which is why it's August '08 and I'm not any more?

It'd be nice to make myself a better person, though.

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