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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Teaspoon of pus, anyone?
Le sigh!
That's how much I've managed to get out of the thumb so far! Huzzah and yum!

Work's stupidly busy tonight, and I've got a lot to do. I'm taking a little rest here and there to get something written up on here, because today has been manic and this is one of the few places I can get a little rest and get what's on my mind written up.

Over the weekend I've not done much, just been slowly getting into that plan I wrote up a few days ago. As things stand, I decided for this month I will not go onto AIM with my usual username. I might pop on with the work name if work is completely dead and I've nothing better to do, and I'll pop on with an alternate name if I need to pass files on, but generally the whole online-conversing thing isn't fun or productive for me at the moment. I feel I could be doing more interesting things, and that's what I aim to do. After the month, I'll see how I feel.

The only problems with my plan so far are fixing the sleep pattern (I haven't a hope of fixing that for a few days. The books I ordered arrive tomorrow; then I'll be happy to lie in bed and read (instead of sitting on the computer with the TV on as background noise until I feel tired, the norm right now)) and exercising properly (because I'm useless at finding time for little things).

Over the weekend, I played an online game of Sonic 2 with Jess. We were awfully mediocre, but got through most of the game, at least. I also began work on creating some sides in Sensible Soccer and tracks on Micro Machines 96 for the online-playing in the future - if any of you guys aim to join in on the online-playing, I can pass on roms and saves so you can add your sides into Sensible Soccer, and practice the custom tracks on Micro Machines 96.

aside - Jess, can you check that copy of Micro Machines I gave you, see if the created tracks are still there? It'd mean a lot if I could get the info of those levels so I can recreate them...

Last night, I finally converted to Mozilla Firebird. Despite Microsoft fixing these flaws today, any program with major security flaws in the first place, is a program I don't want Cliff using. Except: he loves his browsing. He's managed to break games of mine before now, I don't trust him with browsing unless I can set things up to protect my poor computer from his net usage1. Mozilla Firebird does that. And to think I was praising Slim Browser to some of you a few weeks back: with the Preferences you can download from Mozilla's website, you can do everything Slim Browser can and more.

This could be an interesting month, I don't think I'll be able to adhere to my plan without a lot of hard work. Though I do know I'll be scared of Coca-Cola. It tastes horribly saccharine already after drinking lots of milk and orange juice for a weekend.

1He never did explain how that picture of a naked lady's arse managed to get into my recycle bin and cache: but it wasn't his fault! I must blame the Dutch rock and roll sites!

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Firebird is the first browser I've used which actually works, to my standards. It represents an epiphany not unlike the one I encountered when Google first appeared.

I especially enjoy how customizable it is, and what interesting variety the add-ons have. Everything from a convenient "next picture" feature (good for porn!) to a near-endless list of expansions for the search bar. If I type in "eggplant", I can search a dictionary, a thesaurus, Google, a recipe site, the IMDb, the CDDb; I can look up the entymology of the word, look up reviews for it on Rotten Tomatoes, see how many hits it gets per month through Alexa, translate it into Japanese, look up BBC stories on eggplants, look up urban slang for it, search for eggplants on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or search for any Livejournal users who list it as an interest.

Firebird... the first time I used it, I was taken aback by the amount of customising. This was at a time when I'd heard of the name but was set in my IE ways. The second time was around the same time I became interested in Slimbrowser, simply because Slimbrowser was what IE should have been, and again I was still set in my ways and not willing to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in with the extensions available at the time...

This third time, I've got the browsing screen looking small and concise, exactly how I prefer my browser to look - I've taken out options I didn't need - I hate clutter - I've got to grips with how to do such things as you've written about there with your eggplantness, and I've even been able to set Firebird so the menu bar has a font I like.

There are little problems with the program, but I'll get used to them... though I didn't like the way it's given all my picture files its icon. My job for tonight is sorting that out.

Sure thing, Skip! It's a bit late now, though, I'll have to check tomorrow.

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