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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Of little significance, but:
Vibri marches onwards!
My journal is bluer than usual. I think I just hit a denim moment, and so that's how things shall be short-term.

Next on the agenda: to write up about Shaz's trip here. But because it'll be quite a long post, I'll add random snippets that happened at the time but had nothing to do with the trip itself, just to prevent there from being one long post.

Long shot, this, but: have any of you got or seen or used a Lexmark X74 scanner/printer combo thing. It's going cheap in a sale at Toys R Us, but I've yet to find reviews for this particular machine. I shall look further.

My gamesbuying gene kicked in again and I finally managed to get hold of a copy of Kula World. I've paid £25 for a promotional version of the game (so no manual or box) but it's about £20 less than the usual price for the game on ebay. I'm glad I can find games I used to enjoy, to be able to play them again.

Also: I randomly began to play Sly Raccoon after buying it ages ago, and I lust over the game now. I wouldn't call it true love just yet, but my goodness, it's a game that's been well-made and will go down like Dynamite Headdy and Sparkster as a game that needs a sequel that will never arrive.

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God, I love that icon. Sexiest thing evar.

Everyone lives Vibri.

Speaking of older games, is that copy of Final Fantasy 7 still sitting in the reserved drawer? I really want to get a John a copy of it, and it's bloody impossible to find. (and expensive on Ebay!) I think it was put with the copy of FFIX for that guy that sometimes comes in and talkas about it non-stop. ;D

I have no idea at all. But I do know Simon can order in brand new copies of the game for 12 quid tops. Call him and ask.

I wonder if that was my doing after praising the game so much in our chat yesterday? (Sly Cooper) ;) I really wanna play some more of that game right now in fact. However right now my work comes first. At least, right now.

I have to say, seeing all that computer equipment going so cheap surprised me. But nonetheless, yay! I'll have to help you on that scanner too Dean, seeing as I knew you had an interest in it from the start.

Ah well, you've ordered the game now, so it'll be there soon.

I've seen a second scanner whilst looking through the shops today with really good reviews and only £10 more. I might have to get that as soon as I can.

And what's troubling you hun? I know today on AOL has been a bit crappy. And I'm just sorry...about things, about today. Just not feeling myself. That's all. :/

Well, I just want some time to myself before this week gets hectic.

And it's okay, about feeling a bit down. It happens to all of us.

Right. As long as it's just that. I had this horrid feeling like I finally pissed u off or something. :(

On second thoughts. Skip what I just said. You can be as pissed off with me as you like. Let me do the running around for you for once. ;) k?

But you haven't, silly. I just want some time to write LJ posts, play games and relax for myself.

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