Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

I'm so hardcore I need twice the conditioner.

The day only became interesting when I was picked up from work. On the way to the shops some guy tried to cut him up at the traffic lights: Bill had none of it, tried not to let him through, and decided to get out of the car and have a go at him as the lights had turned red. For this, the other driver got out of his car, picked up a traffic cone and threw it at the bonnet of Bill's car, before driving through the red light and away.

I just came back from Nan's and Cliff, in his kindness, decided to download a copy of Monopoly onto this PC for me, after I'd said I fancied a game of it. Trouble was, he'd found a dodgy version of it that wouldn't allow itself to be deleted once installed. Years ago, I'd have panicked. Instead, I managed to use command prompts to delete the files after shutting down explorer temporarily. The fact I'd done something monumentally geeky made me feel good.

So good I decided to run a bath. And twice in a row nearly applied conditioner to my hair instead of shampoo. I'm really clever really. Followed by posting this to sonicstuff initially, because of forgetting I moderated the place from people randomly spamming earlier.

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