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Valentine's Day: a cause of much fuss.

I tried to call Shaz, she tried to call me. Neither person managed to get in contact with the other. I sent a card which arrived Friday, I received a nice book on Monday from her. I'll have to contact her really soon, just because we've not talked for a while.

Other things... I'm being lazy. I have Fantavision I can take back to Game (it bores me), I have to consider looking for a scanner (or maybe an all-in-one printer) and I have work tonight. Fifth day in a row. I've nearly worked a proper week again, for once. Quite miraculous, I must say.

I've just been working on little things (icons, editing things) and am on the verge of completing Mario & Luigi - again, another miracle given what I've been like recently in terms of completing games.

It's half term this week over here. I never realised until just now when I saw kids wondering around looking confused with what to do. This means the annoying kids that live near the shop will inevitably pop in. There's something about them that makes me think it'd be nice to have a system where people you didn't want could get electrocuted if they tried to enter the premises. I'm sure this could be produced somehow.

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