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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
The game's afoot!

The people upstairs seem to have no comprehension of how to live in a flat. We hear loud music in the daytime and they decorate in the late evening/early morning, often moving furniture around at 1 or 2 AM. The first few times, it disgruntled Mum and Cliff. The next few times, they began to go upstairs and ask them to stop, to which the family would say "sorry", and proceed to make more noise the next day. Now Mum and Cliff are going to write down how frequently they continue to annoy. It's just got silly recently.

In an attempt to resolve the printer/scanner issues, I bought a Lexmark X1150. Decent printer, but a subpar scanner and awful scanning software. Surely it can't be too hard to program something to be able to auto-crop and auto-rotate several pictures at once these days? I had that kind of scanning software on my old Primax scanner when I got it with my first PC many years ago. I'll probably take it back in the next few days if I can't find something more useful.

Other random snippits:
  • I got a Valentine's Card from Mum. Aww etc.

  • I took Fantavision back. Couldn't get into the game in the slightest, alas.

  • I bought The Sixth Sense at work on Monday. Always seemed the type of film I'd enjoy.

My life's not been too interesting recently.

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The environmental health are quite handy for that sort of thing... I had to call them once because my upstairs neighbours had a habit of JUMPING UP AND DOWN in the early hours to Abba. Argh!

Indeed. We just want to be able to show when they cause hell. They start and stop in half-hour bursts late at night usually, it's difficult to get someone in to have a go at them if they wouldn't arrive before these other people stop.

Lexmarks are kinda horrid. Cheap, but not as good as others and you'll end up paying back over the difference in price for the ink carts.

Mmm, the only reason I considered this one was because for a scanner/printer/copier combo, £40 wasn't a bad price. Except when the scanner's got poor software, and means I may as well keep with what I have.

I believe I have that printer/scannner/copier, something similar. It's a dreadful machine, as it has completely crapped out on me. Either the ink evaporated or it just doesn't want to print anymore, because despite two perfectly good carts it refuses to print ANYTHING.

The scanning is okay, but I have Photoshop to help me with rotating and cropping, thank goodness. Plus, I have a tablet now so I rarely have to scan anything. I just draw it into the computer.

By the way, are you quoting VNV Nation in your subject?

Ooh, another bad review. I Will have to take this thing back tomorrow, then.

This software wouldn't even let you zoom in to crop properly, it wouldn't let you scan things properly in terms of picking a custom dpi. It was just unimpressive and slower than using Paint Shop Pro.

Quoting Henry V.

Yes, do so. Get something a tad bit nicer.

Oops. They tend to steal quotes from older sources such as that (and Paradise Lost, most notably). Now I know one more that they have lifted.

Truth be told, I only looked at the one I did due to its price.

What I'll do now is use the printer I have now until its ink runs out and get a better printer/scanner/copier. I mean, I can still do the basic stuff on both the printer (though the quality of printed stuff is lower these days) and scanner (though it is... very old now, at least five years, coming up to six - but it does everything this Lexmark product did, albeit a lot slower.)

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