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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Productive window-shopping.
Took back the Lexmark X1150 and got my refund. I walked to PC World to see which other machines were available. On the way there I passed by Morrisons and made a few snacky acquisitions.

Whenever I walk by a supermarket and have some spare time, I pop in to see what random snacks they have that other supermarkets don't. They sold very nice pontefract cakes and some cheap-looking crisps which taste absolutely divine. I began to snack on a packet of these crisps on the way to PC World, but as soon as I tasted them, I turned round and went back to the supermarket to buy more of them. You can order the crisps from their website if you're curious of their godliness and have £12 spare (I heartily recommend the Canadian Ham and Beefy flavours).

When I got to PC World, laden with crisps, I went towards the scanners section, especially interested in this model which I'd heard a lot of praise for. I'd not put 2 and 2 together and never considered Canon would make an all-in-one printer. However, I finally saw the Canon MP360 there, and I'm pretty certain I'll order that around my birthday, or when the current printer runs out of ink.

I've managed to complete two games during this rest period, finally completing Mario & Luigi (which I adored from start to finish) and Soul Calibur 2 has been effectively completed, with me acquiring the bonus characters and the majority of the weapons to obtain. I may sell that game on as a part-exchange doodah when Puyo Puyo Fever hits the shelves over here.

Alas, one thing that irks me, is that it seems every plan to meet nice people wants to happen on a Saturday - next weekend I could potentially meet radiodave and sachkii (see, you did get mentioned) - but I have a cunning plan or two up my sleeve if it comes to it.

I threw a lot of links into this post, didn't I?

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This is going to sound extraordinarily stupid and American of me, but I love how the term for that particular item is "a packet of crisps" over there. It's so much more elegant sounding than "a bag of chips". But the phrase is tainted worse in my mind thanks to the stupid saying "All that and a bag of chips".

Ah, that phrase. That horrid phrase. If I could slap phrases, that one would be. He says, wanting an excuse to use the peeved icon really.

I have the Epson stylus CX3200 which I think is a very nice all in one.

From quick research:

The printing for this machine seems very impressive, and it's a decent copying machine. That's good. The cartridges can't be any more expensive than Lexmark's either, heh.

It's suggested to be a bit noisy in a few reviews, though, and the scanning is a basic 600x1200 and seems to not mention decent software for auto-cropping, auto-rotating and scanning multiple images in one go... I can get all that from my old scanner here.

I want to upgrade to have better machinery and software than I currently do, and this machine sounds a bit of a step sideways in the scanner department.

But then I expect the moon on a stick.

I think it's the kind I have.

You can crop on it, which it sometimes does automatically... there is a wizard function that prolly does that stuff for you but I never use it. I don't THINK it does auto rotate but that'swhat photoshop is for... Actually, do 'aquire' from photoshop and you can scan multiple images.

And it prints right up to the edges! :D

Epsons are the cheapest for cartridges, IIRC, as they're the only ones that you don't replace the stylus with each cartridge so they don't cost as much.

HP will auto crop and auto rotate, but you can't really turn that stuff off which annoys me. I mean, you can un crop but it sets the levels of exposure etc for you and that bugs me.

Well, I do not have Photoshop. But Paint Shop Pro has an okay acquiring thing. Kinda.

I also believe the all-in-one I like the look of prints to the edges also.

Also, it appears third-party stuff is far cheaper than any of the companies' cartridges. I've heard reviews that you can pick up non-official cartridges from Epson or Canon for a few quids.

I've been meaning to pick up Mario and Luigi (as well as the SMB 3 remake), it just tooks TOO good to resist.

Jessica bought me Mario & Luigi as a present while she stayed here. It's definitely a game I perceived as good but I couldn't see me spending £30 for it. I'm glad that Jessica did, else I'd have missed out on something special.

I need to consider buying the SMB 3 remake myself; after seeing the Time Trial video that was made recently, I've become re-interested in playing and completing that game.

There's nothing really new in the GBA Mario 3 that warrents buying it yet again. Especially not for 30 quid when you can buy Mario All Stars for less.

Mmm, I've just got a ROM of the NES version of the game on this PC and that'll do me for now. If a copy of the GBA version comes in second hand to the shop, though, I'll nab it.

Re: life, non-warp

Hm, why didn't LJ send me this message? Ah well. Still: yes, I've read that article before.

I'm heading to the US tomorrow and plan to pick up them game then. Paying $25 for a game that would be 60 euros here in Finland is a nice feeling.

Unfortunately, the time trial video was faked, I heard... It was quite fun to watch, even knowing that.

It was a wonderful video. I recall hearing how many attempts it took for the person making the file, and I know it was a five-figure number.

I was impressed by those links. That's dedication :)

You like the idea of lots of links in a journal post, then?

Eleventy more than you put in your posts.

Honestly, this is weird. I thought I'd post a random word, so said 'Twelve'. Sure enough, you left twelve links in your entry.


My nickname will now be Zelda.

The Dogmeat school of Journal posting. 'Cheap looking crisps' was my favourite link!

As from printers... I bought a cheapo, rubbishy Epson C44, and it's awful and broke. Don't buy it!

They're "more" - than a "snack"!

That's some incomprehensible quotation-usage there. What flavour is your favourite?

Wait, I just read the bit in your post where you say which flavour is your favourite. Haha.

That's some good reading.

The Beef ones taste like those little 10p beef crisps you could get, I can't think of the proper name for them besides Potato Puffs, so it might be that. But look at all the lovely flavours they offer!

Burger Bites? Beefwads? Beefy Crunch? I can't remember!

Some nice flavours there. Prawn? Tomato? Mmm! They'd have to go quite some way to top Walkers Sensations, though.

Potato Puffs. Must be. They had Ready Salted (tasted of soap), Salt and Vinegar, Tomato Sauce and Beef flavour. They were small tubes, about an inch long tops, and remarkably fragile.

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