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Covering tracks.

I sent off money to a gentleman in the United States, to get a present to a friend of mine.

I began work at 2. I was meant to finish at 6, but ended up working all night after seeing the boss was in an absolute state. It's extra time I needed, I've felt I've not had enough work recently - partly my own fault, mind. I keep taking some time off due to several of my friends planning things that'd involve them being in an area where I could meet them over a weekend. From Shaz's visit, to the failed attempt of a birthday party Neil had, to Gareth and Sacha's visit on Saturday, this is the third Saturday in a month that I've had something social happen. That's quite daunting to me. Hmm. And Astrid, don't worry too much, I'll be in at six when it's busy and you may have Simon in the afternoon instead given he's got to work sometime to make up the time he didn't today.

I came home to find Cliff had broken Firefox, and got a virus onto this machine that'd deleted a lot of things. It's taken four hours to get this machine back to normal, and most things have been restored. The problem of such a customisable browser with several add-ons to pick up and download is that you forget what you used to have (in terms of extensions and sections in the User Files) and grumble a bit at how things are very similar but aren't exactly like they used to be.
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