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Today is a strange day.

I nabbed Puyo Pop Fever on the Gamecube while I was in the town for 20 quid, amongst doing dull chore-things.

Now, I am a massive Puyo Puyo fan, but I feel compelled to say this is far from the simple game I hoped. There are some "innovations" to the game that make it more difficult to pick up and play. This whole fever mode may well be a decent idea when I completely understand it, but from what I see, the person who gets into fever mode gets simple chains over and over again for a short time. On the one hand, I can see this is giving the opponent time to counter and raise their own fever bar, but it's giving one player a massive advantage as (this is the real gripe) regular chains outside of fever mode seem to do little to no damage in this game.

Sonic Team has again tried to showboat with a game that should be left simple. As you get a chain, the game decides it must show this by rotating the camera around your area, and following this off with some "magic spell" (the character you're forced to play as shouting "Blizzard!" whilst a few snowflakes flash on your side of the screen intermittently). The characters in general, and their respective introductions to explain why they must face you are horrible, to the point of wanting to turn them off.

This icon I made a few weeks is of a character in the game, who I find out is called Oshare bones, who is a camp fashion-conscious skeleton, whose lines in-game include "totally uncool!", "talk to the hand!", "Oh horrors!" and the favourite "you can lick my boots!". Truth be told, until I heard him talk I quite liked his design. Now I think I may have to get rid of this icon, lest people think I find his patter amusing.

My printer's out of blue and yellow ink and the black ink is on its way out too. Seems like I'll be getting that printer/scanner combo wotsit sooner than I imagined.

Update: it's gone, and the nice Canon all-in-one is here, and quite lovely indeed.

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