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For my dear friend...

Because I do love you really, Astrid. Ahem.

For those who don't know of this story entirely: I was given one of those little electronic recording gadgets (so little, you can attach to a keyring). It's a simple thing, and it has two buttons on it - a record button and a play button - and you can save about ten seconds' worth of dialogue on it at most.

Now, this'd be useful for sneaky purposes, except it beeps quite loudly when you hit the record button, making it far from discrete. However, the beep also startles people into wondering what's going on. This is where I introduce Astrid, my friend and co-worker on a Saturday, and you can hear what she sounds like after being confused by the sound, followed by her shock at the recording gadget I had on me.

What is that? No, what is that, heh? ...what?!

I hope Astrid doesn't hate me too much for this.

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