Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

Odd thing to attempt to expand upon:

I had an idea in my head, but to help develop the idea I need to think more about the idea in games of status effects.

I've only just started on this with one game using my memory only before work, so not much has been added at all so far. I'd usually keep these things private to work on them further, but I thought I'd make this public in case of help anyone else can offer.

Status effects that remain after fights:
Pokémon: Paralysis, Poison, Burn
Final Fantasy 3: Poison, Darkness, Zombie, Imp, Float

Status effects that remain after fights, but can randomly disappear:
Pokémon: Sleep, Freeze

Status effects that disappear after fights, and can randomly disappear in-fight also:
Pokémon: Attraction, Confusion
Final Fantasy 3: Charm, Berserk, Safe, Reflect, Shell, Rage, Dance

Status Effects which change "the controller" of the afflicted:
FF3: Beserk, Confuse, Dance, Rage, Control, Zombie,

Statistics that can be raised/lowered whilst in a fight:
Pokémon: Speed, Attack, Defence, Attack Accuracy

Other things that appear erratically in games:
Alex Kidd: Telepathy

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