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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Mainstream CD throwing competition to begin in 40 minutes.
The manager bought in loads of CDs that he deems not good enough to keep any more. Nobody bothered to have a look at what was in there until now, but there were a few pleasant surprises in the compilation.

There was a nice large selection of R.E.M. CDs, a band to whom I've always heard great things of but never really put any effort into caring about. A few Bjork CDs lying in there, and the legendary Scatman John's Scatman's World. Ahem. There are a few good CDs, and I'll nab them so I may looklisten back on music from ten years ago and laugh.

You know we'll be embarrassed of the Darkness in ten years, like we are of Babylon Zoo now.

I never thought of the boss as a Michael Bolton fan. But the CDs; the many varied CDs prove me wrong, though. I duly sniggered at each and every one of them, mind.

The Simpsons Sing The Blues hidden at the bottom of the collection, too. Ah, that brings back memories. Primarily of enjoying Mr. Burns singing "Look At All Those Idiots" too much.

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I'm embarrassed of The Darkness NOW.

You and me both. And them too, to an extent, I reckon.

If the R.E.M. CDs were in cases, I'll murder your bloody manager.

No, he just bought in about 160 CDs on spindles.

Still, his loss, my gain.

Wonderful musician. Shame the majority of people over here know her solely for "It's Oh So Quiet", mind.

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