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After a conversation regarding Babyloon Zoo, this question arose:

Who would you invite to a dinner party?

Imagine the table with as many seats as you deem practical; who'd be there, where would everyone be positioned? The people you invite can be dead or fictional characters, and there would be no language constraints, to allow more freedom of choice.

(The reason this question came up, in case you're curious - we were talking of cocky lead singers not being liked, from Jas Mann in Babylon Zoo we went to Liam Gallagher being the worst and most pigheaded, but summised Noel would be a decent guy to invite round to dinner talk to; he'd have a lot of stories to tell.)

I'm trying to think about this myself right now, for want of a better thing to do - well, besides listening to CDs and working out which are decent songs, to convert to mp3. I'll post my own idea into a comment at a later date.

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