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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Pre-notes: Do not do anything which requires concentration around Bill. He only gets in the way and talks to you and causes you to make mistakes, and then you blame yourself for it. Though it is partly your fault for losing your concentration, you muppet.

1. Contact Midland Mainline tomorrow to see if I can get the date on a ticket amended, given there'd still be a week's notice I may be okay, but because the tickets are to be sent by post I expect I'm doomed.
2. Get packed for the trip to Shaz's after work tomorrow. I need to find a bag to put things into, foremost. Remember: DVDs, quirky multi-player games, memory cards, extra controllers, toothbrush.
3. The pen refill I need to find is the Staedtler Classic 465-4, apparently. The last number (the 4) may be the way the company dictates colours, so take that into consideration.
4. The phone number to contact smile is 0870 843 2265. I need to find out the difference between a Visa Delta and a Visa Connect card, and if the issue isn't too major, I need to change banks as soon as the trips are resolved and I temporarily won't need a debit card.
5. 139 Turkey Street. That's where Glenn Montague lives, or so says the system. Call directory enquiries, see if I can find a telephone number. If not, see if I can find a way to ensure I only need to visit once to get what I've effectively had taken back.

No more treating myself until I've got through and resolved four of these things.

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Ex-friend and ex-shop boss, I let him "buy" a Wavebird off me. He took the controller, I awaited payment. I continue to. I'm now at the stage where I feel the only way I will acquire the money is to pour white spirit through the letterbox and inform him I'll put a match through if I don't get paid.

So a motherfucker essentially.

Basically, yes.

He left the shop to become the manager of another shop, and got sacked within six months. With this sacking I have no hope of getting money, so expect the controller back, or something of equivalent value.

Get a brown paper bag filled with dogshit. Have a petrol can ready.
If he fobs you off, put the bag on his doorstep, liberally douse, then ignite. Ring doorbell. And he stamps it out, getting dogshit all over his feet.

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