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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Nine-figure numbers!
Naughty Shaz. Writing in my journal while I fail at Burnout 2. She's too good at it at the moment; I may have to format the memory card so her high scores disappear. Accidentally, of course. Ahem.

So, what's to talk about? Well, I'm still here, a day later than I was meant to be. It's been very soothing here, so why not take advantage of another day with a loved one? We've talked, we've played games, we've watched films, I've fallen asleep and sent her into a wild panic because of it; y'know, the usual.

On Sunday the weather in Salisbury was awful, and the trip to meet her Dad was a slightly difficult one. I'd also eaten on the train so I felt guilty in turning down the meal he made. But then I guess it'd have been worse if I'd tried to eat food I didn't have room for. The evening was pleasant, nattering away about worries and planning for the next few days, and meeting Shaz's mother, who has been really nice to me while I've been here.

On Monday we wandered into Salisbury. I bought Shaz a few presents, given it's her birthday on the 16th. I bought her the Finding Nemo soundtrack, seeing she likes soundtracks in general and enjoyed aforementioned film, and I've bought a surprise present which has been hidden in her house. I'll wager she looks for it after I leave (and probably finds it) and I think she has a fair idea what she's getting. Bah to surprises.

I finished reading Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure, and alas, wished I'd taken a second book for my journey. Later on in the day, this city (town?) boy's stomach realised it didn't handle the excessive bumpy travelling too well and I needed a little rest, so when Shaz went off to work with her mother driving her there, I had a rest. And woke up to the sound of banging and a torch flashing from outside onto the ceiling of the room. Shaz's mother had forgotten to take her house keys with her - they were in the other side of the door - meaning the only way to get in was to wake me up. I felt like a bit of a ninny for going into such a deep sleep that I didn't hear her mother's cries: she was stuck outside for a half hour or so.

Shaz took a liking to Burnout 2 in the evening, and it was played for most of it. She's quite talented at it, so long as you want her to crash extravagantly.

On Tuesday we saw Bournemouth. It bought back strong childhood memories when I was at Carterhatch when I was 11. While me and Shaz were there we looked around the shopping district, where I bought a fancy sweeping clock and obtained bratwurst for Shaz to try. Truth be told, they weren't that special. Bah to cheap quality bratwurst also.

I kept looking around throughout the day in Bournemouth, saying things like "Ooh! I remember a mini golf course being here!" to turn a corner and find said mini golf course, now delapidated.

On Wednesday we went around Poole. Nothing much was obtained for ourselves but I found a very nice Betty Boop mirror Mum will adore for her birthday/mother's day.

I also obtained a pendant for Shaz, and we decided to try to organise a way to spend an extra day together here. Although it meant the Travelcard I picked up on Sunday for Wednesday was completely useless.

Note: planning ahead often does not work. I suggest not doing it ever. Life will be so much more fun! (read: chaotic!)

And today I've just spent some time online getting this written up and checking the train times. Using a laptop is really quite enjoyable. I wasn't expecting to feel like that, but that's how life works. The keyboard has that nice clicky feeling to it.

It's been a great few days, and it's safe to say I feel happier about the relationship now. There's always been a relaxed atmosphere around here, and that's just what I wanted.

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I'm really glad that you're feeling a lot happier about your relationship. You two look so cute (!) together! We'll definately have to double date when our respective wenches are around at the same time. ;)

Hurrah! Glad to see you happy mate!

Hey! Less of the 'wench' mate. ;)

And well, uh, I hope you got back home safetly at any rate Dean. I waited for your call but because I was also on the net around that time you may have had some difficulty. I'll give you a call.
Hmm, its time I started looking for that gift at any rate.

I called when I got back, about 11:40. Nothing but engaged tone.

But I'm fine.

Ohh. Sorry hon. I was on the net then, waiting til about 12 to hear from you. I thought that was the time you'd said you'd be back. I'm gonna give you a ring though...give you my dad's home number and that so you can still contact me in the weekends. I'm glad you got back home ok. (hugs you tight)

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