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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Work spasm!
Instead of working this evening, the boss needed me to come in this afternoon as he's off to find his partner a nice engagement ring. This nearly worked out excellently for me. Sure, there's no chance of going to the doctor's before I travel. But on the positive side of things, I've more time to pack and sort myself out for tomorrow, when I head to Jessica's.

After a nice conversation with someone last night, I realise I've been run down and I've been trying to hide it away, ignore it, put barriers up when people try to instigate intelligent conversation or begin to ask lots of questions to me, and it's caused problems. I feel like I dumbed myself down to an extent, due to not having the time to stop, and think about what I was saying. Last night was nice though, my surreal sense of humour was back in abundance, I was able to think a little clearer, it was... well, good.

Someone's just tried to message the boss, telling me he can get Bishi Bashi Special for £6.50. I wanted that game. I couldn't masquerade as the manager, but I'll see if I can get Simon to order a copy for myself, at least.

Now, to do some actual work! (note: lie)

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Nooooo! Work bad! Don't even lie about doing work!
Oh, I got those film cells this morning. Some really really gorgeous ones in with the just plain gorgeous ones. Like 4 of Pirate*Basil. And Royal Pimp Ratigan in that "BEHOLD THE GLORY THAT IS ME!" pose. X3 And.... *goes on and on and on*

I'll have a go as soon as I get home - I'm at a club just now, leeching off their 'puters. if not, I'll see if I can loan my ol' secondary's overhead projectors and take photies of the best ones. I feel like sharing these thangs, see. =3

Ah, you did? That's excellent. I can finally leave positive feedback to the seller!

Glad you liked them. Get them framed!

I intend to get them pit in slides when I find out how. X3
Now, all I need to wait for are the prints of the model sheets for Ratigan and I can annoy my mum for one of those Spike keyrings...

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