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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The trip to Jess' was pleasant and relaxing, though we didn't get a chance to travel too much around the city centre and her brother tried to seek attention.

I had to sleep in a rug on the first night, due to there being a lack of a sleeping bag for me to sleep in. Itchy joy.

Dairylea triangles and salami rolls are an interesting combination for when you're particularly hungry.

Wigston Magna reminds me of Waltham Cross. Both take up quite a lot of space and there are a lot of shops around, but there's nothing that special there. Mind you, I've not really had a chance to explore there, so maybe something decent will crop up.

Only acquisition of the trip was a copy of Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo for the GBA given it was unboxed and only ten pounds.

I have work, and I have to buy Mum an expensive silver kettle.

I'm not a shower person. I prefer the relaxing capacity of a bath. Thus one of the things I only most when I get home is a chance for a good soak.

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I'm more of a Shower person. That said, I haven't had a bath for over 10 years. Although, I have no choice now. Speaking of which, I have to have a bath tonight!

Well, in my circumstance, both Nan's and Mum's never had a shower. Aside from scant travels overseas that meant I had to have one, I went about sixteen years without showering, always baths.

When one was installed here at Mum's I dismissed it. I use it to wash my hair swiftly if it's a mess, but otherwise leave it alone.

Besides, most showers have two settings and ours is no exception: too cold and too hot, and you have to phase between the two regularly to get any modicum of comfort.

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