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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Water ridiculous situation.
Coca-Cola recall Dasani after an illegal level of a chemical is found in it. Genius, I say.

I had two dreams. One involved getting a NintendoVIP ticket that gave me 4000 stars, which shows the lack of depth my mind can go to when I dream. I also dreamt I was driving (badly) and kept hurting a lot of other people - the slightest nudge would send their cars rolling and flying in a way to make Burnout 2 proud. I have to say dreams like this make me not want to drive. Along with the taxation the British driver gets.

So far Sunday's been just as novel as the last few days. It began with Mum deciding Sunday is the best day to total the house. A phone, which lies in her bedroom unused, would be better off in my room, we decided. All we need to do is move the wire down the hallway into my room, so it's there as a temporary measure, so the phone can still be used elsewhere if necessary.

Oh no. The simple option is not viable.

Her bedroom gets decimated, her bed moved around, the wires unclogged. My room gets subsequently wrecked so the phone can occupy it; a chest of drawers taken apart, a hole drilled through the wall, the wire put through, round the room, and onto a table, so the phone can subsequently never be moved from this spot. It's quite a disastrous approach to things. Goodness knows what'll happen if this messes with the feng shui.

I depart swiftly after and thankfully get a lift to work from a neighbour, otherwise I'd have been in late. I walk in to find one of my co-workers in, with a few stitches in his head. I'm afraid he got quite drunk and decided that he would like to be beaten up by a bouncer. Alcohol is quite a wonderful elixir in helping you make decisions; whatever you decide is a good idea whilst inebriated will always be wrong, especially if there will be evidence of it in the morning.

[Evidence of this: Dave Gorman.]

I get to work to find a bedraggled Irishman walk in minutes later, looking beaten up and hungover, posing the question of if he could use the phone. He was very grateful when I passed the phone over and let him talk to his friend to pick him up, and even more pleased when I gave him the directions to get to his friend. He was absolutely shocked when I gave him a little bit of money to go into the pub near to us, get some food into him, and clean himself up. He told me he'd come back and give me twenty pounds for my kindness. I don't expect that will happen in indeed a month of these Sundays, but still, it's nice to be appreciated.

Now, off to do what I get paid for. Read my friends page.

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*chuckles* Illegal chemical? Oh my... class :D What pure Class ;)

This should hopefully be a good lesson to those who feel they have to buy bottled water. That lesson is... uhm... don't, because it has chemicals in it. Or something. It's too early to articulate.

Did you receive my envelope?

Just asked ma famille. They don't recall seeing one.

When did you send it; I can ask at the local post offices, see what I can do about it?

It's okay, I've just found out my Mum has been shit in general yet again. I gave it to her to send on Friday since she was going to be in town, and she forgot... of course, I've been out all weekend.

Gah. It shall be sent. :-/

I laughed at this.

I've worried it's been lost in the post two weeks running now. Ah well, I don't mind. At least we know where it is, that's a good start.

I gave him a little bit of money to go into the pub near to us, get some food into him, and clean himself up.

Aw thats so nice of you.

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