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Travelling frenzies.

Monday and Tuesday have involved a lot of travelling. The majority of Monday wasn't interesting, it all went calmly. Only thing that annoyed and didn't go to plan was that Smile didn't want me and my money in a current account of theirs due to Mum's bad credit rating at this address stinking things up.

Today I've been to the doctor's. I still have slightly too high blood pressure, and they want me to go have a blood test, just to see that it's not any liver problems or somesuch. I feel fine in myself though, so I'll take it as a useful precaution.

On the way home, I bought a nice kettle and toaster set for my mother, a late Mother's day present she wanted.

Also, I stopped at a pedestrian crossing, the ones where you hit a button, it stops the traffic. The traffic always zooms down this road so when the light goes red for the cars you still give them a few seconds before walking across; some will always shoot the lights, and I always wave to the cars that do so. It happened again as usual, but this time there was a twist. One of the drivers who didn't get through the lights got annoyed at me for stopping him. He started to curse at me through the car. I had no choice but to wave politely at him as I walked across and give him the thumbs up as he stuck fingers up at me and screeched his car up the road when the lights turned green again, he was a blur as he disappeared. He was in such a rush that he got caught by the policeman on the speed camera that was hidden up the road. I did enjoy that too much.

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