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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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This is where I wish I had Darke's talent for remixing music.
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Jusquun: Are you familiar with a song called My Favourite Game by the Cardigans?
Buml0r: is that the one that goes wap-waa-oww?
Jusquun: That's the one.
Buml0r: muh, then yes
Buml0r: not only am i familiar, it is one of my Life Songs, you know the ones
Buml0r: in this case it's the song of being about 16 and sitting in the car with Link's Awakening, waiting for mum to stop teaching and come drive me home after school (my school and the one she taught at shared grounds)
Jusquun: I had that song stuck in my head so I was wandering around trying to convert it. Now, think about it, and you may see where I'm going with this.

I can imagine that song now, with a big brass band behind it instead of the rockinging guitars. Which is wonderfully amusing.
Buml0r: hah!
Buml0r: that would be cool!
Buml0r: and have you converted the rythm to a swingey rythm?
Jusquun: # I don't know what you're looking for # (trumpets come in with a PAH-PAH-PAH) etc etc
Jusquun: And yes, it's all swunged-up, as they say.
Buml0r: hehe yeah
Buml0r: i'm imagining it now and it's ace
Jusquun: I wish I could have a brass band to try to make this happen.
Buml0r: boh, this big band song's great
Jusquun: I know! It's the way you know they'd go completely over-the-top during the silent bits. Though she'd have to change how she sings a bit to accomodate it.
Buml0r: yeah or just get tony bennet in and be done with it

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Order Darke to do it...

Actually, that's an idea... I wonder if he does commissions....

That means you can imagine it too? :D

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