Dean Rivers (dean_r) wrote,
Dean Rivers

The escapades of onion cakes, ninja dog leashes, Cyberdog and STUPID BUSES THAT I SMITE

The story begins yesterday, with the nice prospect of home-made tacos. Cliff cut some onions in the afternoon in preparation for the evening meal. However, he put the onions into the fridge and thus everything inside began to smell of onion well after the meal was consumed. This included a birthday cake my mother received a week ago. I fancied some cake last night, so I grabbed a piece and took a bite. There was a vile aftertaste of onion, and I felt quite displeased. The more I examined the piece of cake, the more onion-y it seemed. It was eventually thrown away, and I decided onion cake was not a good thing. Still, at least telling my friends I was going to get some birthday cake scared them. Some felt guilty for forgetting my birthday, some got uptight that I'd kept things so quiet regarding my birthday. At least it allowed me to mention to them when my birthday actually was. Several times. (It's April 7th.)

I walked the dog very late last night, and with it I realise the lack of life outside at that time causes me to do strange things. While nobody's around you can scurry over raised platforms and planks to see how good your balance really is, or you can swing the dog leash to emulate some kind of weapon. Note I do not leave the dog attached to the leash when I do this.

Admittedly, I've only started doing this since I saw a bunch of thugs hanging around up the road, and any way to get yourself out of a dodgy situation sounds fine for me - it reminds me of the old adage I was taught; when you know you're in trouble, sort your keys out and aim to blind them.

Earlier today, I was reminded of this store here, which has a few t-shirts jessicapadkin fancied. She's offered to get me a few for my birthday, as well as a nice CD I was interested in, which is very sweet of her. I have to get her something back as a present. She's getting me too much, even if it's for my birthday, and I feel slightly spoilt by her kindness on this.

If this wasn't text format, you'd have actually heard me sigh in anger at the buses today. I had to send a t-shirt off, and the plan was to get on a bus circa 5:05, get to the town for 5:15, and get the t-shirt sent off in a padded envelope before the last post at 5:30. I got to the bus stop at 5, and the bus came along minutes later. I stood out so the driver knew I was there, but the bus zoomed past, ignoring me. I was shocked. I watched the bus slow down to a crawl ahead of me, mocking me, teasing me to chase it and get so close, before the bus would zoom away and I'd shake my fist at it in anger. I instead stood at the bus stop cursing, watching it slowly disappear over the hill and far away. A man walking too close behind me probably hearing every mumbled utterance I offered, but I didn't care. My plan was very messed up. I hailed to the bus driver, the bus driver man, and he let me down. He gets no more hailing from me.

I went over the road to the local post office instead. They might have padded envelopes, but the problem is I hate the shop - the staff are disrespectful. However, it was the only way to guarantee the item would get sent off today. The shop had no padded envelopes and again, no courtesy. I had to borrow sellotape from the shop next door to guarantee the envelope was sealed up well enough (the people in the post office pointing to a roll of tape at 99p if I wanted to get any more on the parcel).

While in the shop next door I thought I might get more saver tickets. The premise behind these tickets is this: bus prices around London have now gone up to £1 a journey, 50% up from last year. To reduce this charge, you can get saver tickets which drop the price down to 70p as it used to be. These books are in packs of 6. So I thought I may as well get some tickets for next time, it'd save time and make things easier. Somehow between buying this pack, going to Sainsbury's, and coming home, I managed to lose these tickets. So that's a good £4.20 wasted there.

Those damned buses, trying to get the best of me. But they will burn. Well, the bendy ones do without my help.

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