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Krispy Kreme, Mr. Driller 2 and a GIANT SENSE OF IMPENDING DOOM

I quite like ending these subjects in all-capitals. Makes the life seem interesting!

Apparently just over the road (just next to Sainsbury's, Asti and Trudi) a Krispy Kreme is to open. After your lust for the delightful food the first time, we should meet up on the opening day and scoff a bit. Maybe see a movie too, if anything decent will be out about then. It's a shame I work at weekends and Abbychatters work on weekdays, else I'd drag some of them down.

I went into Game a few days ago and bought Mr. Driller 2. It's not bad, but it's too simple and therefore I find it annoying when I fail due to how simple it really is. I should take it back before the ten days, but the effort that would be involved to do that seems immense at the moment.

radiodave - no money has arrived today either. I can only say this: bugger. Somewhere along the line I'll wager a postie has nabbed this letter for himself, unless you put a second class stamp on there, it would have arrived by now. I know I gave you my address enough times for that not to be a problem... ah well, at least you tried.

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