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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Krispy Kreme, Mr. Driller 2 and a GIANT SENSE OF IMPENDING DOOM
I quite like ending these subjects in all-capitals. Makes the life seem interesting!

Apparently just over the road (just next to Sainsbury's, Asti and Trudi) a Krispy Kreme is to open. After your lust for the delightful food the first time, we should meet up on the opening day and scoff a bit. Maybe see a movie too, if anything decent will be out about then. It's a shame I work at weekends and Abbychatters work on weekdays, else I'd drag some of them down.

I went into Game a few days ago and bought Mr. Driller 2. It's not bad, but it's too simple and therefore I find it annoying when I fail due to how simple it really is. I should take it back before the ten days, but the effort that would be involved to do that seems immense at the moment.

radiodave - no money has arrived today either. I can only say this: bugger. Somewhere along the line I'll wager a postie has nabbed this letter for himself, unless you put a second class stamp on there, it would have arrived by now. I know I gave you my address enough times for that not to be a problem... ah well, at least you tried.

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:-( I was going to ask...

It's okay, I've got a small stash of money I've kept to one side over a period of a few weeks when I should have been buying food with it. I'll send another £20, it's honestly not a problem. This time it *WILL* get there.

Meh. Let's leave it another day before you send anything off and we'll talk on MSN later, and work something out.

Just to check though, you had my address fine. I wonder, how did you send the money out... I mean, what type of envelope did you use, did you wrap some paper around the note in case of a disrespectful postie having a fondle?

I should have said something about insuring the letter.

Put the money itself in a tiny envelope which was cellotaped to the inside of a random card, which was cellotaped shut, then I wrapped a piece of A4 paper around the card. This was in the normal envelope itself.

Something about the name Krispy Kreme fills me with fear. What is it?

They're a company from the US that make bloody nice donuts.

YES! Fantastic. :D Tis where Chiquitos used to be, I hear. Oh well, bugger that place - bring on Krispy Kreme! So when does it open? I'm definitely up for going there then seeing a film, or vice-versa! ;)

May 18.

And glad you are, this place opening forces me to get hold of a UGC card, really, doesn't it?

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