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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I nearly forgot my plan for this month: due to knowing I'd be spending a lot on train tickets and paying bills this month, I set myself the challenge to try to have more in the bank at the end of the month than I had at the start of it, which has been difficult... but I seem pretty close to achieving it. Except now I'm being tempted by lots of things. My birthday is next month, and my family know I always feel guilty when they buy me things because I could have got them for cheaper and so they've 'wasted' money on me. Anyway, I have become used to receiving cash or simple goods (the socks, the underwear) because of this, to nab what I fancy for cheaper than the family could find. They're usually surprised at what you can get with a limited budget thanks to Mr. Internet.

I am sorely tempted to say that as a result, I'd attempt to have the same amount in the bank again by the end of April; given I know I'd be getting a little bit more than usual next month, I would have to plan how to lavishly, randomly splurge it in a stuttering fit of materialism.

It sounds like fun, even if it's completely unsound to do these days, and completely different to how I normally am.

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Seriously, treat yourself. You deserve it.

I think I will. Bloody scary notion to me, though, being an accumulator.

The only fear is when I mention what I get in the journal. I don't want to sound smug regarding whatever I pick up.

Oh, and did the picture get past the mods in the end?

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