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Revolution to the origin.

They say you should try to do one nice thing for someone every day. I've been doing overtime.

I woke up to find the manager wanted me to come in to work earlier, and so I said I would. See, I'd already helped someone out by getting out of bed, answering the phone, and saying "Yep" a few times. Now that's the sign of a good day.

Before work, boingobabySel asked a question regarding editing an animated picture into a Livejournal icon. She hit a Starsky & Hutch obsession recently, and so wanted an icon with as much retro charm thrown into it as possible. This was the end result from me, and given she was delighted with this, I went off to work.

Toying with this icon meant I didn't arrive as early as I'd planned for work, but I found making that icon therapeutic. I've not sat down and focused on something for a little while, and it's doing something a bit different to what I'm usually up to. Also, you always get a nice feeling when you hear the positive reaction regarding your hard work.

It was busy at work and I was starving by the end of the night, so managed to arrange that I could leave a little earlier so I could get some proper food inside me (prawn cocktail crisps just wouldn't do in that situation) and catch up with the family, who'd returned from the weekend rock and roll festival. I found out Mum had used the money she got on her birthday to buy several Betty Boop items, from a large car with the big-headed wench inside, to a few big-headed dolls, to a big-headed statue. It may surprise you to hear I feel the size of Betty Boop's head compared to the rest of her body disturbs me. She simply has a massive head and I say that's wrong. I'd also helped out Sel again by finding a second-hand copy of the Starsky & Hutch game and getting it for her for £15.

Upon returning home and online I've helped two other people out, and feel better for it. I've had a good talk with jessicapadkinJess, and I got a phone call from shaziShaz. I feel a bit more like my old self too, with my ridiculously immature idea of spending money sounding a more fun idea as time goes by.

Now, time for bed.

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