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Bettering myself.

Best Scrabout Score: 599. This score included the wonderful words atomizers and metazoans, and the computer being useless.

I found out my plan for March was a partial success. I've got a fair bit of money back from the people I hoped to get the money from, and had money one friend sent stolen by a scumbag postie somewhere along the chain.

I annoyed Mum because of my stinginess over this month - she wanted to print something out, I pointed out Cliff used all the ink up and until I got reimbursed I wasn't going to bother paying out for a non-essential item to me. However, provided I don't buy anything today, I'll have made a part of my goal by £6.

No chance on the bank issue, though. Smile won't let me use them. It's all down to what Cahoot say when I hit 21, else I'm going to have to look for another high street branch with a high interest rate on a current account and internet banking.

Now, to go sleep. I've got some overtime work tomorrow, and I fancy a bath before I disappear off to do that. I'm doing some overtime in the afternoon so the manager can improve things around the shop for the health and safety examiners on Thursday. I noticed an "In case of fire" sign stuck in a corner of the shop, where nobody will look.


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