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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Bettering myself.
Best Scrabout Score: 599. This score included the wonderful words atomizers and metazoans, and the computer being useless.

I found out my plan for March was a partial success. I've got a fair bit of money back from the people I hoped to get the money from, and had money one friend sent stolen by a scumbag postie somewhere along the chain.

I annoyed Mum because of my stinginess over this month - she wanted to print something out, I pointed out Cliff used all the ink up and until I got reimbursed I wasn't going to bother paying out for a non-essential item to me. However, provided I don't buy anything today, I'll have made a part of my goal by £6.

No chance on the bank issue, though. Smile won't let me use them. It's all down to what Cahoot say when I hit 21, else I'm going to have to look for another high street branch with a high interest rate on a current account and internet banking.

Now, to go sleep. I've got some overtime work tomorrow, and I fancy a bath before I disappear off to do that. I'm doing some overtime in the afternoon so the manager can improve things around the shop for the health and safety examiners on Thursday. I noticed an "In case of fire" sign stuck in a corner of the shop, where nobody will look.


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Health and safety, eh? D'ya know what's always got to me about the shop? What would happen if, for some strange reason, there was a fire down our end, and it was blocking us getting to the door? (or upstairs) What on earth would we do, other than flail and panic? O.o Throw drinks bottles at it? ;)

Well, there's always been a little fire extinguisher right next to the drinks.

Oh yeah, that'll save us if the place is burning down, ahem. I'd probably whack myself over the head with the fire extinguisher - quicker death than burning. ;)

(What a lovely topic of conversation this is ;D)


Here's summat to cheer you up. Go download this. It's the best CG I've ever seen.

I know, I know! Oi've seen. :D Me and the guys were watching this at uni, although it still makes me laugh that whatshisface is in it, the french guy - WHY?

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