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One of the quirkier games-related dreams, this...

A friend of mine, Tony, had visited and decided to show me a game which began with the word Harvest. I recall the game had you controlling four flying reindeer (though Santa wasn't in sight) - it was a game which involved you having to get the reindeer around barricades (pilons, walls and so on) as they went down a controlled path, with cloth being held by them all, and an orb was carried on the cloth. Every time a reindeer got hit they would begin to hover less, meaning if two reindeers on next to each other were hit, the orb would always roll off and the level was over. However, me and Tony had worked out if everyone got hit, all was well, as they would all hover lower and the orb would remain safe.

See, I'm giving you all great ideas for your own games. Harvest Flying Reindeer Simulator will probably hit the shelves within months.

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