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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The plan goes well!
In the middle of the week I decided that on Thursday I was going to go into London. I felt like a nice long trek to the point of making my legs tired, and decided that the day would allow me to go into Camden and the centre of London and acquire many random goodies. In the end I just got a few nice things, picked up several brochures regarding mobile phones, and had a really sunny day to go travelling in.

I picked up three t-shirts from Cyberdog, pictures will be taken of these eventually for those with a mild interest.
I also picked up a large shoulderbag for five pounds, solely because it seemed useful for when I go on my travels.
</a>Jess also bought me a t-shirt from this site as a birthday present, which is really nice of her.

Yesterday I bought crispy bacon. I bought it for the intention of putting it into sandwiches, as I always intend to. But then as I unpack the shopping, I always decide to pick at it, and inevitably end up eating the whole packet of it in one go. Damn you, crispy bacon, for being so tasty.

Sacha departed for Rome today - I never knew she was disappearing so early so I managed to be one of the only people around to wish her goodbye at 4 AM this morning. She's offered to bring back some cake for my birthday, which is good, because it means she'll have to come down, maybe bringing smelly with her too.

Time for work. Might add more to this when I get there. I wanted to put more into this post, but the FA Cup semi-final has engrossed me completely.

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Is there anybody she HASN'T got to call me smelly? :D

It's only a one-off from me, smelly.

(I was going to call her Little Miss Trolley in her link but I thought that was a bit too risqué)

Yeah, but one's the wrong size which I picked up myself due to being told of limited availability, so you're gonna get me something even better instead while you get a different shirt for yourself.

And that sounds confusing to all bar you and I, so I thought I'd keep it simpler.

Disappointing the Arse didn't make a better stab at it.

No sympathy for a side that rests players. Aliadiere was out of his depth.

Better them than Arse cleaning up. >>;

That site kicks ASS. I dig the robot flavour. Mmmm, circuitry T-shirt.

Oh yes, that's the one I love and am wearing right now.

The cyberdog site looks really neat. ^^ I'm quite into the designs they seem to have on show. Only a couple of probs like I've clicked on some of the buttons on the site and nothing happens. Also there was no browse bar. Maybe it's my computer. Still, what was up with that?

Also, I got your b-day pressies yesterday honey. I'm just wondering if sending them to you by post is a good idea what with tales of packages getting lost and all. It's a bother cause I'd hate for them to arrive late, but I don't seem to have a choice.

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