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After midnight until bed I had a wonderful talk with Shaz and played Gunstar Heroes with Jess thanks to the joy of netplay in the GENS emulator. I woke up quite early given I'd been up until 5 AM, and managed to watch the majority of the Grand Prix before I left for work: I'd just seen Montoya's car start to bodge up, meaning Jenson Button ended up on the podium again. Not a bad season so far in terms of people fighting for third place, though sadly the Ferraris still look way too good at what they do. Jenson's third in the overall standings though, well done to him.

As I walked in to begin my Sunday shift I sighed to the co-worker I was taking over from and said "I really don't feel like working today." Sadly, I wasn't the only one. The person whose shift was after mine, from 6-10 PM hadn't told anyone this until I called him, but he had family who had birthdays on the 1st, 2nd and 4th of this month, and he'd gone off to celebrate. He sounded stoned on the phone when I asked if he wanted to come in early because there was lots of work to do and if we were there to overlap shifts we could get the majority of it done. He pretty much said he didn't feel like coming in and doing real work on the wage we get, and also did I want some extra hours because he wasn't really fit to be there.

Mum and Cliff were going out for the night, the dog was going to be home alone - the people upstairs are uncultured bastards who bang and talk and move things around late at night, which scares the hell out of our dog and makes it pee everywhere. I had to be back from work as soon after my shift ended as possible. I told my co-worker the best I could do was 8, but after that I had to get home really swiftly, so he had to be there at 8, on the dot. He reassured me. "If I'm not there by half past 8, lock the shop up."

In the end he arrived at 9, still not really looking like he was in a state to work, so I had to hang around to keep an eye on him. I got home for 10. I'd had to call a friend to pop up to the shop, take my keys, go back home, walk the dog for me, feed the dog and bring the keys back. I'd had a plan for the evening wrecked and I gave the co-worker the worst treatment I could when they'd let me down. I acted cheery as usual, like nothing was wrong, which sent them into a massive guilt trip. I just can't do angry easily and people get confused because of it.

I watched Matrix Reloaded given I'd had a few hours extra in the shop, and it made me realise just how bad Revolutions was, and how unfair I was on Reloaded when I saw it the first time. A family stood in the shop and watched from the chateau1 scene to the end of the scene on the motorway. That part is quite nicely done, I suppose. Oh, and I have to remind Abby that chateau scene has a lot of oldern weapons (on display and in use) to help her in her research for all that.

If this co-worker is getting this disillusioned I wager he'll be leaving very soon. Whereas I can't leave the place. I know the manager's on a contract until March 2005 and after that he wants out, and I can see so much potential in the shop... but it's just not going anywhere as things stand. I want a stab at doing something with this shop, if I get the offer to. If I don't, I'll have to leave in 2005 myself unless whoever does get employed for the role really does move the place forwards. I can effectively stick on a CV that I've been a temporary manager or a permanent assistant manager of sorts, which sounds smug enough to appease some.

Now, it's Monday. I'm off to the bank to pay some bills, then to work to see if I can claim extra for the fact that my evening was wrecked by someone else's lackadaisical attitude. Oh, and work 6-10 myself. Hmm.

1Chateau is a French word. Translated it becomes "Cat water".

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