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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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A difficult situation.
Vibri marches onwards!
Yesterday I had to get up early. I have to do the same today and tomorrow and it'd be for my own benefit if I did the same on Friday. Last night, I went to sleep before midnight due to being so tired from an excellent day. Asleep before midnight. This is not how things are meant to be. It almost sounds like a normal schedule. I don't like this. It's scarier and sunshinier than usual outside.

I'm just getting ready for work. Then when I get there, I'll post something of actual substance.

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Or will you change your mind and find something of utter complete humor to make my morning?

--remember me? as madphotographer? how are you? no really? and that bunny makes me think of different erm things ... gah homework! >.> yah so add me? pleeeeeeease?

If work is quiet, I will try.

I remember you. I also remember my client telling me you'd deleted your journal, then deleted me, then added me, then deleted your journal again. Indecisiveness is a bad thing.

I'm not bad, actually. I'm awake before 10, I'm going to enjoy work today and I have good plans, better plans, on how to sort things out now. I'm always preparing things well in advance these days. Makes life more chaotic because the plans always change.

I've a few people to add, actually. I'll get down to doing that very soon.

In-duh-siz-iv-nus is a bad thing too, if you're Sacha.

ah, that was b/c i had to add others that were friend's only on MP so I had to reactivate it for a while then kill it before the drama ensued once more.

I need out of the states. Soon.

Off topic, but again, you rock. And your freinds work fast. The Simon Pegg/Pingu Mix is a work of genius :D

Why, thank you. My whistling sucks, though.

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