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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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So productive that I'd given myself a headache to try to get some rest in, except I took aspirin and decided if I was going down, I'd go down fighting... except, I'm awake and feeling chirpier now. Well done me!

On Wednesday night I watched the thoroughly entertaining Kill Bill, and it was nice to laze around and enjoy a film for once. I'm going to have to get used to this whole lazing around enjoying film-ness though, because on Thursday I acquired a cinema card from the local UGC cinema, which allows me to see whatever I want, for effectively £10 a month.

I also picked up Metroid Zero Mission second-hand and finally got a mobile phone, something which people kept telling me I should get. I'm not sure if it feels like a waste of money, I still feel like I should have got a phone on a better tariff over a phone I liked. However, I apparently can get this phone onto the tariff I desire if I find out how to unlock it, but to one with no education of phones, that means very little. I'm thinking some of you may understand this, though I'll also use Google a bit, see what I can find. Any help on this would be appreciated before a fortnight's over, given I only have two weeks to take this phone back if it doesn't do what I want it to.

Today I went off to the cinema nice and early, meeting Asti and Trudi, along with their friends Mariane and David. I told them I picked up the UGC card and I was asked to go along with them, to take complete advantage. We watched Hidalgo followed by Shaun Of The Dead. Hidalgo seemed to keep the females very entertained with its mixture of Viggo Mortensen and horses, but it really wasn't a bad film at all, though it did over-explain the obvious, it felt like it was pandering. Shaun Of The Dead was very good, though given the hype everyone else over here gave it, I was expecting it to be better than Braindead and it wasn't, though it was exceptionally close and thusly will be acquired on DVD when it becomes available. Spaced was better, though.

Now, all I need to do is contact a certain someone to show them a nice picture, and I'll have all the little things out of the way. Oh, and the fact I tried to set myself a target to spend everything I earned this month and I've currently barely touched a sixth of what I've got. Pathetic attempt, that.

And sort out Firefox; I'll have to make a new profile, the browser's screwing up a tad in remembering the icon positions.

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Any luck with domain names?

What's your mobile number? (Email Sachki and I)

I'm in two minds if I'm keeping this one. So until I'm certain I want it or two weeks pass it's not really worth passing the number about.

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